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Is Your Alcoholic Spouse an Alcoholic Parent Too?

Posted Nov 20 2010 11:50am

Do you have children with your alcoholic spouse? It’s bad enough your alcoholic husband or wife disappoints and frustrates you. The impact of alcoholic parents on children is tremendous.

Just like you wonder if your alcoholic spouse is drinking too much because of something you have done, your children feel their alcoholic parent’s inability to quit drinking is their fault on some level. Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) suffer life-long difficulties.

Here are 5 examples of the impact of alcoholic parents on raising children:

1. Children’s school performance declines because alcoholic parents create a chaotic home environment whether it is an alcoholic mom or dad. Conversely, some children excel academically and pressure themselves to be “perfect” to compensate for not feeling loved enough for who they are.

2. Your child’s self esteem is low. Your alcoholic spouse is showing your child through his behavior that he prefers alcohol to his child. His love for his child is not enough to motivate him to quit drinking.

3. Their children are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

4. Problems with intimate relationships. Just like it is difficult for you to feel connected emotionally to your alcoholic spouse, your children feel the same way. Alcoholic parents withdraw from the family as their disease progresses.

5. Children who live with an alcoholic parent feel lonely, isolated, and ashamed of their family. Your alcoholic spouse is probably neglecting the emotional needs of his children. Children (teenagers included) will not invite friends over and risk exposing the family secret that they have a drunk parent at home.

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) are at higher risk of becoming alcoholics themselves. Your alcoholic spouse is robbing your children of their childhood. The negative impact of your damaged relationship with your alcoholic husband or wife spills over to your children. Their are important steps you can take to motivate your spouse to quit drinking and put your family back together again.

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