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Is Your Alcoholic Husband Suffering From Insomnia?

Posted May 27 2010 5:44am

Does your alcoholic husband suffer from insomnia symptoms? Insomnia symptoms are difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep. Does your alcoholic spouse rely on alcohol to get to sleep? Is he self-medicating insomnia? This is how alcohol dependency may start.

Although alcohol is a depressant and makes your alcoholic spouse feel more relaxed, alcohol actually disrupts the sleep cycle. Here are several ways alcohol affects the sleep cycle:

  • Alcohol disrupts chemical messengers in your alcoholic spouse’s brain that are involved in the sleep cycle.
  • Alcohol causes your alcoholic husband to experience more frequent awakenings (restless sleep).
  • Alcohol decreases REM sleep in the first half of the night.
  • Alcohol causes rebound REM in the latter part of the night.
  • Alcohol may worsen sleep apnea.

Does your alcoholic spouse drink coffee all day to wake up after a restless night and then drink alcohol to unwind and/or even take Xanax or Ambien at night? It’s a viscious cycle.

The first step for your alcoholic husband to sleep better is to stop drinking alcohol. Also, no caffeine after 3PM, exercise before 7:30 PM, and keeping a regular sleep schedule all help sleep quality.

Your alcoholic husband will most likely have some sleep difficulties after he stops drinking alcohol. There are several psychiatric medications that are not addictitng which can be very helpful. A psychiatrist will be the most knowledgable about medicating your alcoholic spouse’s insomnia symptoms.

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