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In the conventional way to become the most dazzling man

Posted Feb 19 2013 6:58am
"Not to say that the stern plan so new, how great, in fact, these we have pointed out," have been one of the NBA terry Leon said, "but he is a very good people, very persistent, this let him put those games do novel, let all star become a big event, he began to define all star." When larry bird win three-pointer Cheap Kobe 7 champion, Michael Jordan and dominique Wilkins to a KouLanWang trophy fight for the life-and-death, NBA managers know, stern idea a success, he put the original idea into reality, obtained solid earnings. In Lyon opinion, and the NFL, MBL managers in order to let all star players in the game and hard on many measures is different, the stern never regard the all-star game result, he want is entertainment, "this is for fun things, the finals is the competition, the all-star game is entertainment. Stern concerns is not the outcome of the game, his mind in how to make the game more interesting. In 2007, the stern will be the all-star game brought to Las Vegas, it was a stern never want to set up the team in the city. In the world of entertainment and capital, the fans find fun, the player has to go to. In 2010, the Dallas cowboys football field became the all-star game held in place, 108000 people attending matches record.Asked about his tenure best all-star memory, stern choose the 1992 all-star game, when magic Johnson declared himself after infected with HIV to return to the pitch, and access to the session of the all-star game MVP, got the audience's acclaimed. "In the magic Johnson hit that last 3-pointer, everyone around up hug him, and want to know his full head big sweat, but people still Cheap Kobe VII use hug for him to celebrate, in this originally common but special behavior, for he encouraged. This is my all star memories of the most profound." 10 city gain of $640 million as once the SUNS boss krona base los said, today's all-star all is not even a weekend. Now, all star weekend activities from Thursday night jazz rock concert, commodity fair and exhibition program is started, on Friday morning are some fair, and in the evening it's rookie ", there are other those we are very familiar with the link. "The past all-star activities is the time of day, now all is not even a weekend, I mean, all star has is not only a basketball event, the time when you in the all star city take a walk, you will feel out." Krones group los said. In kobe Bryant opinion, all star is the union is the biggest change, "the biggest change is probably Kobe 7 USA NBA all-star, when I was a child in Italy, but I can't see live. At that time is the replay, see is the second day. At that time no one took it too seriously. And now you can imagine the spread of the all-star game? Its influence beyond measure." At present all star weekend activities through the 47 languages in 215 countries and regions broadcast. Houston all-star weekend, the 2015 all-star weekend have begun to declare, the brooklyn jersey nets and the New York knicks are bid 2015 all-star weekend Saturday. Finally, this Saturday will fall to the two teams in a a hand. Whether brooklyn or Madison square garden, New York is the city's victory, benefit from it.Over the past ten years, all star weekend to American 10 city a total of around 640 million dollars in profit. Last year's Orlando all-star weekend, the city Kobe 7 Big Bang for security and traffic spent 700000 dollars, the income in 80 million to $100 million. 2008 NBA all-star game in New Orleans, for this was the hurricane katrina struck the city to bring the rich income - 80 million to $90 million in revenues. In 2007, Las Vegas, it is the first time in history, a no NBA all-star game host city. Ticket revenue and profits, but also billions. All the hotel room is booked all light, the game courtside seat ticket prices jumped to $30000. Philadelphia 2002 total revenue of over 55 million us dollars, 2001 Washington all-star game also have an $50 million, and 2000 New York's all-star game is earned $52.4 million. For aesthetic fatigue constantly transformation rule the feb.
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