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In cheap nfl jerseys optimistic dreaming

Posted Dec 13 2012 7:25am
Difficult to predict, accident too many. Heaven may be lazy, a lot of people will be accidentally put together. Farrell army did not think the the blue feather Army's arrival, the same blue feather Army did not think Martha the arrival of the country's army.
    In cheap nfl jerseys optimistic dreaming when easily landing of victory, there is another person, is also proud of his success came toward the direction of Chongming Island, he stands on a high podium, sea wind Dangzhuo own gold yellow hair, fully enjoying the sea brought him happiness, and his calm and firm hands Kids North Face Jackets of the telescope alignment impending Chongming Island.
    This person is known as the Rod Hart does not know the the blue feather Army's arrival.
    This is known womens north face denali jackets as the Martha country's most cunning commander of the naval fleet led thirty-seven Battleships, and 8000 Ming Masha States Army officers and men quietly through the rain fly where cordon and Fletcher fleet set to appear in Chongming Island, west of Rod Hart is not intended crossed the blue feather Army Navy two Fleet gap in the middle, he even does not know the existence of the next the blue feather Army Navy two fleets.
    Rod Hart fleet's departure, and the departure of the fleet of cheap nfl jerseys, are highly confidential, even the middle to confuse the other spies, also spreading a lot of the illusion, a result, both Fleet successful conceal the other the intelligence agencies, to the secret purpose of the attacks, however, perhaps because great minds think alike, perhaps because of the arrangements of God, the blue feather Army and Martha country army fierce collision occurred again.
    And almost at the same time, the North Luzon a large merchant fleet also left Baguio to Chongming Island this merchant fleet escort, not ordinary people, but the king of Luzon State Hashemi Damian, he is ready to flee to Chongming Island, and then the way to other places to look for reinforcement, just few hours before the coup, completely buried Luzon State dynasty ever existed.
    Some people might ask why Rod Hart fleet across the the blue feather Army Navy blockade? I can only say, rely firmly on top in the open sea, in the case of satellite and radar telescope can only be observed in less than five The location of the sea, the rain fly where and Fletcher can not block such a big sea, you know, the blue feathers military two fleets of less than sixty Aralia warships.
    First Chongming Island battle destined to surprise one hundred encounters, witty and heroic warriors, has been fully reflected in this chaos. Chongming Island, but also because this war is a permanent annals .
    Tianyuan July 20, 1729, cheap nfl jerseys led the blue feather Army landing force to reach the northern sea of ​​Chongming Island, the huge fleet moored in the sea within three nautical miles distance Chenghai, as if the Eagles Chenghai eyeing.
    If with ylang mainland people look, Chenghai simply can not be regarded as a city, and a maximum of only
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