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if you completed nike air max 95 cheap a remarkable dance

Posted Oct 08 2012 2:47am
"You take a break a few minutes! Continue to wait for the next dance practice." Chen sturdy looked under the hands of the watch, facing five players said. With Chen sturdy reminder, the five talents recovered, five in succession back next to each bike, remove each prepared drinks, happily drinking. "I said, boss, do not want the opening to a special screen, shocking look at the audience." The Satsuki cheap nike air max 87 drinking water in front Lei Xia proposed. Lei Xia imagined, direct, said: "No, this part I would like to use in a special show on this particular show is very important to me, so I can not do this." After listening to the words Lei Xia Viagra novel: "What special performances, Lei Xia can tell we see it?" Lei Xia thought for a moment and said: "I'm sorry, everyone, it is very important to forgive I can not tell you guys, However, the performance in the game when you will see. "watching the gradual dignified atmosphere, Viagra, said:" It does not matter, since you refused to say, we will not be too fussy. "" thank you, we go dance practice! "Lei Xia smiled.

Days unexpected storms people have always happens five people just lined up in formation ready to start from far and wide, whole Tianyu suddenly the skies! The heavy rain will soon be six clothes wet, the rain kept slapping the face of six. Five just about stepsaside rain, followed by the sound of forced five people to give up the idea. Chen sturdy sturdy in heavy rain, said: "This is a good opportunity to hone your dance steps, you are on the stage covered with heavy rain began to dance practice, dance practice high difficulty factor, you will be in no music help to complete this super difficult dance practice, if you completed nike air max 95 cheap a remarkable dance practice, team competition to break into the top three is not a problem, this time from far and wide will test and hone the five of you tacit understanding how high, how deep, so you will do their best to accomplish this from far and wide! "five very clearly, Chen sturdy spoken words can not refute, but they are more clear, if they lose the hone opportunity, after difficult before encountered such a situation and Chen biaohan is an experienced Hiphop coach, he uttered, "If you complete the outstanding dance practice, Team broke into "can believe So, five people agreed to start this time golden" heavy rain "
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