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If I am a recovery alcoholic, do sugar alcohols in food affect me? or are they different from alcohol in drinks?

Posted by jordi11

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Sugar alcohols are sweeteners and, in spite of their name, do not contain any ethanol. Recovering alcoholics have nothing to worry about with sugar alcohols--they are not what we tend to think of as "alcohol", and they won't alter your mood in any way.

As a recovering person, your caution is a good thing.

Thank you Jason.
Yes Jordi, Jason is right sugar alcohols are one type of reduced-calorie sweetener.  They are widely used in food industries. You can find it in ice-creams, cookies, and even in chewing gums that is labelled as “Sugar Free” or “No Sugar”. But its excess use may cause bloating and diarrhea. Otherwise it is still better than general table sugar.
Sugar alcohols often cause problems like stomach cramping and gastric problem. However I don't think it would be good enough for people who already have weak liver. Therefore I would recommend alcoholics to avoid foods containing sugar alcohol or any other flavoring extract.
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