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I Want That

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:54am

I have been thinking today about how we go through life most of the time wanting, coveting things that we just can’t have. When we’re little girls or boys we want that pony that we just can’t have or that 4th cookie that our parents won’t give us. Then we get into teenage years and we want other people to feel something towards us that they won’t feel, not to mention we want to grow up in a years time and that never happens, physically at least. When get to be adults, we start wanting to feel feelings towards ourselves that we just can’t achieve and sometimes we want to grow younger and well that’s not going to happen anytime soon. We hit our 30’s and wish we could have our 20’s back, we hit our 40’s and want youth to be restored to our bodies.  Why is this?  It’s not that we are selfish, or uncaring of the world around us.  It’s just something in human nature that happens to all of us.  Just a thought this morning that I needed to get out so it would stop itching my brain.

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