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Hurt back to 3 anger is also very useful

Posted Mar 03 2013 3:56am
Passive skill description (I'll tell you this is copy of yao) :

Weapon master + main hand equipped with heavy weapons, in equipment crit not enough cases can smooth anger, won't suddenly DuanDang skills. Choose superstition don't choose armor, because people can seconds is remote magic blame; Hurt back to 3 anger is also very useful, after when molten Isaiah people won't break. Ruthless tyranny 5 detonation 50 detonation injury don't explain.

Equipment selection

Finish see god put a, a thought of parkour barbarian was born. But equipment? 1800 return 800 anti 4 w5 blood very severe, immortal set? More severe. A level 60 are less than role, which gather together go to?

This will have to summon trance stick two, and complete theory set each other off becomes an interest of excellent practice: the 300000 make the barbarian minimum gold customs clearance equipment "(limit prick silk barbarian compatibility experience). This god stick and the former a style on the contrary: the language JianSheng, layout chaos, DuoTu less words, like to use an ellipsis. Seemingly bold art vile blotter general, in fact every word is crucial, everywhere exposing the light of wisdom. Many people saw a rude awakening tumble to be enlightened thoroughly rectify one's errors, this profiteer of the rivals, the savior of the poor. From this the reply can see this post is his painstaking care crystallization, suit the human everlasting good wishes: man.
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