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How Your Alcoholic Spouse Can Beat Depression And Alcoholism

Posted Mar 26 2010 9:51am 1 Comment

Is your alcoholic wife or alcoholic husband depressed? Is your alcoholic spouse already on antidepressants, but is still depressed?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and can cause depression, It also counteracts the benefits of the antidepressants.

Don’t panic, there is still hope that your alcoholic spouse can overcome both depression and his/her alcohol problem! Read on to find out how:

The American Journal of Psychiatry published a study on line on March 15, 2010 showing that combining Zoloft, an antidepressant, with natrexone, an anticraving drug was more effective than either treatment by itself.

(There were 140 participants who were randomly assigned to 14 weeks of either sertraline (the generic for Zoloft), natrexone, both drugs, or placebo. The group on both drugs (antidepressant plus the anti-craving drug) did the best. This group had a longer time until relapse and less depression).

This is a very important finding because, in my experience as a psychiatrist that treats addiction, someone who feels depressed tends to have a harder time achieving sobriety. I get good results with the alcoholics I treat combining antidepressants with naltrexone in conjunction with alcoholics anonymous meetings and some therapy.

For additional help turning your situation around, click here to register for my free special report on, “The 5 Most Effective Ways To Turn Your Marriage Around To Your Alcoholic Spouse. It may save your family’s life. The information in this report gives you very simple strategies that could very well save your marriage).


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Abilify, Lexapro, Effexor are some of the medicines used to treat depression. It gives result but has side effects too. (
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