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How to Confront Your Alcoholic Spouse: 5 Tips

Posted Feb 18 2010 5:28pm

Are you married to an alcoholic spouse? You are probably wondering what to do as you watch your marriage falling apart. Your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife may have started out as a light drinker early in your marriage.You have noticed a gradual increase over the years until it is obvious to you he/she has become alcohol dependent.

Your alcoholic spouse can’t go one day without drinking! Your life is now dominated by his/her alcohol problem. What can you do?

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Here are 5 tips on how to confront your alcoholic spouse.

  • Talk to your alcoholic spouse when they are sober. Explain how their alcohol problem is affecting your life.
  • Let your spouse know the life long effects an alcoholic parent has on raising children (children from an alcoholic family become people pleasers, often marry an alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife, have high rates of alcoholism addiction, and have anger and self esteem issues).
  • Let your spouse know that you are no longer going to “cover up” for their alcohol problem such as lie to their boss, family, or friends about their absences at events.
  • Encourage your alcoholic spouse to quit drinking alcohol. Offer to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together.
  • Attend Al-Anon meetings no matter what. Al-Anon is a support group for spouses of alcoholics and other family members. Tell your alcoholic spouse you need extra support and that they can also get extra support for themselves at an AA meeting.

Approach your alcoholic spouse in a kind and compassionate way. Do not resort to yelling and arguing (has that ever been effective in getting your alcoholic spouse to quit drinking alcohol?).

If you have followed through with the above steps and do not see a positive result, consider contacting  an alcohol interventionist to do an alcohol intervention.

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