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how do i approach my spouse about her hiding alcohol from me ..

Posted by J.

I found bottles of alcohol under my bed and I don't know how to bring this up to my spouse. I am very concerned about her. we fight a lot and she always blames me and now I know why. please help me..
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I think you have to meet to doctor with your husband. Or, Call Alcoholics Anonymous and ask them to direct you to the nearest Ala-non meeting. That is the best thing you can do for your husband. You may try to hide alcohol to your husband.

I feel you need to consult a councillor as to how to get rid of addiction, if anyone is too ddicted to alcohol so dearly then it becomes too difficult to overcome the problem, i would request you to confront your spouse first, then make her realize the wrong things shes doing at her end. If she understand that easily then its good for you, as she herself can try to come out of it as soon possible & if somehow you get a negative vibe from her then take her to some nearby rehab center for better Counseling 
I think you haveto first sit and analsye her situation.She might be going through some kind of stress.However you will have to talk to her about this.Do not talk aything negative with her.Be soft but firm with her because it is not only her life which is getting affected.maybe once you have talkedto her and understood her problem,then you will be able to help her better.Take her to a rehab center if the need be. 
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