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Heng fries oath and card DaiShanDou really willing to abandon the playoffs divorce

Posted Feb 18 2013 2:26am
In and gold - card DaiShan that famous 72 days after the marriage, the nets forward heng fries a thought to the card DaiShan for revenge, so he deliberately dragged - no matter. But recently the court has ordered the official opening day, heng fries can't drag down. But in order to be able to have a chance to win DaiShan card, heng fries celine luggage bag sale decided to fight it out with her. Even if to sacrifice the NBA playoffs. Before the news has issued heng fries and card DaiShan - will be on May 7, trial, card DaiShan in July to himself and famous rappers Ken "- west before the child is born thoroughly and heng fries cut nominal spousal relationship. But the time and the NBA schedule or have conflict. Heng fries team is the nets, at present looks like the nets this season most likely to the playoffs, and the playoffs from April 21 play to June 21. If the nets in the playoffs in performance is good enough, so the court session on May 7, the time and the playoffs are likely to conflict, according to the expected, trial will last for 3 to 5 days or so. Heng fries choice has a lot of, including: 1, in a formal trial before and DaiShan card have reached a settlement, and thus heng fries could go in the playoffs. 2, as celine luggage bag barneys usual for the playoffs, but did not go to court. No heng fries the words also can be in, although such a way to heng fries is very adverse. 3, attend the divorce court session, no matter how the nets in the playoffs. According to many heng fries side to people familiar with the famous gossip website TMZ said, heng fries had made his decision. If the nets in the playoffs and his this pile divorce case time have conflict, then he will abandon the game. But the problem is, heng fries impossible to win the case, the judge will award the agreed to divorce, and heng fries will not get any money (because their prenuptial agreement). If heng fries and heart in spite of his team, he said this is compare yourself with the nets signing two-year contract worth $24 million adventure. The 62 NBA all-star east-west dual meet in Houston's Toyota center, at present the Celine Tote Bags players are the warm up. Before the game, NBA legend center shaq contrast up kobe Bryant and lebron, o 'neal identity Jordan, he said: kobe Bryant took five championship, and lebron only one, so now lebron has not been sent in with kobe Bryant, wait until lebron took so many championship again. Yesterday, Jordan put words: "lebron is young, and he will also have many incredible performance. However, than the current words, Bryant proved more." But this lebron has also carried on the back, "a championship ring often can't define a player's career, as I will not be in the front of the Jordan Russell, Russell 11 ring, Jordan have 6 pieces, but I won't do that." Always seems to ineloquent James obviously prepared, "elegant DE butch le a few ring, Charles barkley no ring, but the former is not better than Charles barkley outstanding." James especially with Jordan in the 1990 s teammates do comparison, natural HuaLiYouHua. "The history of ewing is one of the greatest players, reggie Celine Wallets miller also is so, it depends on your place conditions, in your team and you experience times". James said the two star did not take a championship.Lebron with Jordan's debate, and kobe Bryant lead to come out, "this is everybody understand the truth, with a championship to speak, this is the most important thing." An interview, the lakers star a face of easily. "Since into this alliance, we know that, you have to win a championship, ability is qualified and" magic "and Michael Jordan."
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