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happy world lebron james 9 shoes good

Posted Oct 03 2012 7:19am
At that moment, I understood what happiness!He just does not know, is not likely to germinate seeds from cooked corn breaking down!True happiness is deeper and richer silent. Every corner between heaven and earth pass happy Let Ganwudao: happy world lebron james 9 shoes good! Happiness, in the end is what? Byword happier? Or a cup of coffee after the completion of the job? Or an umbrella in the rain, drizzle? Listen carefully to the voice of happiness, such as mountain spring water singing; such as air, wind chimes dancing; recital as the dew on the green leaves. Are "ding-dong, ding-dong. Happy sound, you hear that? We embrace happiness, feelings of happiness, then I think you are a happy person! We embrace happiness and feelings of well-being, the experience of a cat fish, dog meat, Altman played little monster meet! My father was born in the Huaihe River side, cattle sheep, small for others suffered Kulei. Because children at home at the time, families in poor conditions, the 48-year jordan 3 for sale and 16-year-old father to join the army, he followed the troops to take part in the Huaihai Campaign, and follow the forces liberated Chengdu, liberation of Tibet.My house has always been boys, little girl, I was born as the apple of his father, he went there to put me there, and three children at home, the father only hold four photos I took, my brother and brother never had. I only have a two-year-old mother in Tibet, Army Office in Chengdu eighty-one campus when the school doctor, in order not to affect the mother progress (when the mother is seeking to join cheap air jordan 1 the Communist Party of China), the father of a man with me to live in the Dress session Tibet Military Region in Sichuan offices during the day and his work took me on the Sichuan Office nurseries were followed me home from work at night. Time is to catch up with the difficult period of three years of natural disasters in China in the sixties, the supply of material is very nervous, and many places in rural areas because there is no food to eat to starve to death many troops in the most difficult horses kill. Able to keep up with, in jordan 6 for sale order to ensure my nutrition father feeding a bar of white chicken, chicken smallish, but the chicken was a skilled, basically every day under a small egg, for his father every day with this eggs-for-law gave me to eat. The steamed eggs today, tomorrow the eggs following article, acquired egg fried rice, my baby daughter so a childhood long the glowing. Noon we all rest in the nursery, the father works sometimes jordan 5 for sale busy often a little of came to the nursery to see me, duty life of teachers do this often joked with his father Directorate without rest assured that your baby is not again to check our work. "finishing when the father always polite smile, said:" I take a look at how to sleep in my house chick? fight quilt no.
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