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Posted by susan m.

Hi, Anyone have any good hangover cures, other than advil and lots of water? Come on, you know you do.
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Hydration is Key. Uggh, nobody likes a hangover. And its hard to understand why, after some nights we feel terrible and after others, we feel fine. The biggest factor in how you feel has to do with your level of hydration. If you hydrate throughout a night of drinking, you are much more likely to feel better the next day. If you got too carried away and forgot to drink a glass of water per every alcoholic drink you consumed, one of the best cures the next day are pediolytes (found in the kid's section of the grocery store) or Gatorade. Interestingly, one of the other reasons we feel so bad after drinking is thanks glucose - the liver is so busy trying to digest the ethanol in alcohol that it doesn't have time to offer up glucose to the tissues. That's another reason why you feel fuzzy, like a big pile of blah and compelled to eat lots of sugar.
for sure cure!. The best cure I have found is to not drink too much :) You don't make a fool out of yourself and you have memories for years. I love beer, wine, and tequila as much as the next person, but I like to enjoy it and savor it! It actually takes quite a bit of alcohol to induce a hangover state and it is the body's way of letting you know it was too much and to tone it down next time! That said, I have found Jamba Juice with a boost helps a bit :)
Gatorade. On the very rare occasions when I drink one to many glasses of wine, I can feel pretty terrible in the morning (I have a really low alcohol tolerance). Gatorade is the super cure, in my opinion, replenishing all the good things your body was deprived of while you were drinking the not-so-healthy thing.
Juice is the key.. Lots and lots of fruit juice before you go to sleep. Trust me, it works.
A tablespoon of honey or bananas - helps replace the natural sugars you lost.

Drink a cup of lemon tea whenever you have a hangovers. Thats gotta do it.

AA worked well for me.

If alcohol is causing you problems -- and enough hangovers to worry about cures is a problem -- then don't drink.  If you can't stop, you might be an alcoholic, and that's really a problem!

This isn't a smart-ass answer.  It's a plain fact.

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