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Posted Dec 06 2009 6:25am

Addiction Professional shines a light on Scott Kellogg and his Gradualism model. I've mentioned him several times in this blog and he has been kind enough to link to me on his website.

Two months ago Kellogg established a website ( that he hopes will serve as a vehicle for discussion around a more nuanced approach to treatment. He says that after he began using the term “gradualism,” he noticed that practitioners in non-abstinence based initiatives in Europe in the 1970s had used the term “gradual change” to describe what they were trying to instill in persons with substance use problems.

A Gestalt-trained therapist, Kellogg holds some views that seem to place him closer to the harm reductionist’s way of looking at substance use and recovery. He questions treatment center practices that appear to profess abstinence at the risk of losing many clients before they can start making progress. He states his belief that “there’s a crisis in our treatment world because many people don’t like treatment.”

Yet he also says his perspective goes against the tenets held by many harm reductionists. He is most impatient with the attitude in some needle exchange programs and similar initiatives that “we would never tell people what to do.” Offering a shower, a sandwich and a clean needle and then repeating the process time and again are fine in the short term, but at some point you need to help build a life after you’ve saved one, he suggests.

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