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Glasses "missing" to remember fake oakley sunglasses

Posted May 16 2012 6:41am

Glasses "missing" to remember fake oakley sunglasses

Bad! "My heart thumped," glasses? Glasses? "I'll put his hand into his pocket, and then check it thoughtfully. No, still no! My eyes fuzzy, head a blank, the heart rate, shortness of breath, : what the hell is this? How could not glasses for no reason? My name is calm down, trying to recall the moment of glasses......

This morning is a satisfying the morning. The forest of the color on the thin ShaYi it, as the myth of the fairy general. I like cheap oakley Sunglasses this beautiful and charming fog. Walking on the road to the school, appreciate this exquisite master in the world, is a wonderful experience. I'll take off glasses, shoving the it to put it in his pocket, to feel this rare Europe amorous feelings. Gradually, I then lost themselves in the beautiful scenery, also, of course, glasses slipped out of things...

Returning to the classroom, when I habitually right hand was stretched out, down into the pockets, they find pockets are empty, glasses inexplicably "missing"! I'm nervous, went through the body all pocket, all--no! My legs become refuse to cheap ray ban sunglasses move up, the general rushed out of the classroom mad, eyes also madly in looking for it. But no glasses help, looking for up much more difficult. My heart afraid up: one thousand can't find my glasses do? It's not just catastrophizing? My mind emerge immediately a mom and dad anger blunt champions league appearance, no glasses, my world is really into a "mess". I am utterly confused, have to continue to look for, any clues I don't pass, as long as there is a ray of hope, will make every effort to find. But every time wall is like a bowl of cold water, spilled cool my heart. I never face, straight in the eye socket spin in tears. Right now I am worry is down, and back to the classroom, Josephine to the teacher say: "teacher, I...... glasses... lost! Help me! Help me! It......, see not, and gone!" Speaking to the pleasant music li I became incoherent. The teacher after listen to, in no hurry to call to big sister, let she help me to look for. Big sister also seems to be very anxious, both of us to seek along while, from the playground find teaching building, from the school gate to find the next street, anyway I think that there is the place we might have been found every again, but the result disappointing-not even glasses a shadow to also can not find. I'm worried sick, the nose a acid, the tears of course also disappointing to flow down. I regret it, hate yourself why careless, even a small glasses are no good care, it will, glasses "missing"! Early know so... I bite the bite lips, holding the fist, wish: to the world without regret medicine to sell, blame the oneself! Early know today, why at the beginning!

I don't let go of any hope, and big sister to the school radio stations and found responsible for stations teacher. I live in the heart of nervous pressure, with trembling voice to her detailed the eyes telling shape, color, size and scope of the place no glasses. The teacher picked up a pen, take notes down. She sympathize with of the tone say: "I want to, you can find your glasses!" Reluctantly, I smiled and nodded and left the office door, anxiety and the dining hall... so do

No appetite of my friend Lucy since I tell undermined the pain. She seemed to me this matter very concerned about. A meal, and she went with me to look for their glasses. My heart clear upsurge, can find the opportunity has been very slim glasses. "Look! There!" She was as treasure, fly to fake oakley sunglasses swing the general direction to run. My heart beat faster, hurriedly ran past. My glasses, purple glasses! I see! In the swing below! My heart like knocked over WuWeiPing, sweet, sour, bitter...... One hundred flavor have on the heart. I was ecstatic, from Lucy received his glasses, hold Lucy excitedly cried: "thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you!" Glasses, I finally see you!

Then, a glasses "missing" written in our each other in the laughter of the end. But this he impressed in my heart. Yes, I later can't so careless, carelessness. If I'll be so careless down, for the future will be huge cost. I want to use it as a lesson, deep-rootedly once remember it.

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