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Giving Up On Your Alcoholic Spouse

Posted Mar 06 2010 5:14pm

One of my subscribers asked me today. “When is it time to move on?”.

What a great question! Any one married to an an alcoholic spouse struggles with this question.

Every spouse of an alcoholic wonders how much longer he/she can put up with this desperate situation. He/she contemplates the possibility of ending the marriage over and over as resentment grows. My subscriber made an extremely important point which is, “one big hurt can be much better than a 100 little disappointments.

(For additional help turning your situation around,  click here to register for my free special report on, The 5 Most Effective Ways To Turn Your Marriage Around To Your Alcoholic Spouse. It may save your family’ life. The information in this report gives you very simple strategies that could very well save your marriage).

Do you struggle with the following examples of your spouse’s alcoholic behavior?:

  • Is your alcoholic spouse even coming home tonight?
  • Is your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife having an affair?
  • Has your alcoholic spouse been in a car wreck (as you lay there alone at 2 AM)?
  • Is he/she in jail (when he/she doesn’t come home one night)?
  • Is your alcoholic spouse passed out somewhere?
  • Why  does your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife ignore your calls? (They are off drinking somewhere, of course).
  • Why doesn’t your alcoholic spouse value your marriage and family enough to get the help he/she needs to quit drinking alcohol?

Your alcoholic spouse has a disease called alcoholism which is chronic, progressive, and ultimately  life threatening. Sometimes the best and most powerful way of showing your love is to quit enabling your alcoholic spouse.

It is very frightening for an alcoholic to give up alcohol. It can be very frightening for you to give up on your marriage.

The pain and difficulty of quitting drinking alcohol must be outweighed by an even bigger pain. For example, if alcoholics experience losing their marriage, their family unit, their job, they are often propelled into alcoholic recovery. A significant consequence from alcohol abuse is often just what is needed to break through denial that an alcohol problem exists.

No one can tell you when to give up on your alcoholic spouse.

It is a highly personal decision. However, certain strategies (which are outlined in my free special report) exist that you can put into action that will maximize your chance of turning your marriage around.  Only you can decide when enough is enough.

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