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From sellinFrom selling the stone to the dissemination of cultureg the stone to the dissemination of culture

Posted Sep 21 2012 4:46pm

Centennial Creek Yan, Shen once stone underwater, to date, mass production again and emerge in collections and crafts market. December 28th, we came Shuangfeng the apricots changpuzhen Xikou Village Creek Yan production base, visited the provincial outcome of the "non-heritage". The ink stone carving workshop, provincial air max 2012 intangible heritage of of Heritage Creek Yan production process, the 48-year-old Cao Guanming hand river stone, is elaborately carved named "across the sea", the next flood the temple, he will go to Taiwan to participate in the second session of the two sides of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Month exhibition. More than 10 years ago, with veteran artists have seen the village system Yan fuzzy impression slack at home Caoguan Ming began carving inkstone.

River Yan production, divided into Dickite, choice of materials, flat-bottomed, design, carved, waxing process. The stone production Creek Yan from the reservoir of Shuifumiao underwater and the mountains. Workshop in the choice of materials, we see that the boulder just taken back a block puzzle, exposed or brown or green color and show all kinds of texture. "This is a bimodal green, the nike free run 2 specialty here, from underwater." Said the 29-year-old designer Zhang Xuejun, pointing to the stone of a pale green underside. How the expect production Creek Yan? River Yan again in the market the resurrection Cao Zhanggui Let's talk about the story of his entrepreneurial. Cao Changgui Xikou Village native farmers, and he was heard to production inkstone, 2004, Cao Changgui initiation of the idea of ??a production Creek Yan. Subsequently, he has asked to find family and friends in the library of Xiangxiang Creek Yan historical records, and then visits the Zhaoqing Duanyan production fiery scene, made up the determination of mass production Creek Yan.

Exhibits showroom door, we saw one called "concerted efforts to earthquake relief" triangle inkstone carved stone surface of 1 square meter in size with nearly figure paratroopers fall from the sky, people helped each other ... we forward brownstone The natural lines reflects the effect of clouds, carved nearly three months, has been out to a price of 30 million acquisition, we declined, delivered to a local museum collections. "Zhang Xuejun give us. "Engraved with the the Zeng Guofan portrait, famous and the King's inkstone Huxiang celebrity name sells well in Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries and regions, and we're going to move into the new over 8000 square meters plant to expand production." Cao Zhanggui introduced.

From selling the stone to the dissemination of culture, and quickly seize the market, this welcome nike free run 3 change with the support of the local party committee and government are inseparable. Shuangfeng Creek Yan development in culture Xingxian "to support key projects. Beginning in 2008, the in Shuangfeng County and Loudi City invited several groups nationwide collection field trips, arts and crafts experts and Huxiang cultural experts Creek Yan bigger market advice.

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