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forgot to bring apple bread

Posted Jan 09 2013 8:08am

"It does not matter, I ...... I wait to the infirmary to get a drug like usually take painkillers if it had not been for menstrual pain, that the analgesic effect is in fact limited, but according to her current situation, but also can not openly go and that kinds of things, and the most terrible -

She even forgot to bring apple bread! Ming ...... day to death of her.

"Then you quickly go, you look like at any time will fall.


"For next week's banquet venues and public relations department, you knock it?"

"Ah, zhang a little later will be a cell phone to return results. Before to see the venue is not satisfied, she went to another hotel site investigation today."

The golden bowl children grudging answer has not stopped her cold sweat.

Ah ...... she remember ...... remember the girls in the toilet like a vending machine, she do not consider female toilets to take a chance to buy tampons? The third floor of the R & D department, the layer of the female toilets lowest usage, if she buy ...... caught to the probability should not it?

While I was thinking coach online when her cell phone rang.

Declared mirror rather see her like pain, unable to move his long-legged stride, near her desk. "I told her."

"Good." The golden bowl children struggling walked outside hot drinks machine pour hot water to drink.

Declared mirror rather pick up the phone on the table, not yet open, and I heard the sound of the other end prettily said: coach online outlet"bowl to bowl bad bad! My menstruation, before you and I the same day , go to Japan, we eat together extended coach outlet store online by the drug, I come to you to gone over, how to do? today you help me with it when I forgot to remind you!

"You're in the identity of the company are men Hey, are you dressed as a man to do had it been allowed that the devil general manager of the 'freezer' you know you this gold secretary would be finished .... No, you're dead!

"Ah, the gifted I told you before that phase of the coach store online long lace diamond underwear to be bought." Yue language soft breath hack miles it's finished golden bowl child does not respond, her heart suddenly a little hairy, "bowl bowl, you have to listen to you?"

Declared mirror Ning Yiyang eyebrow. "I can pass."

Uh? Bowl bowl? "


"You ... you are coach outlet store online calling?"

"The bowl bowl who 'freezer' the devil general manager."

"...... Ah ~"

Yue language soft screams, he ended the call.

The golden bowl child leaning on the door frame came in, saw him end the call, and asked: "zhang calling?"

Declared mirror rather laugh but not language.

Her pain now slow response half a beat, also refused to take him there is no answer, of course, more able to pay attention to the strange expression faint smile on his face.

Her pace as water buffaloes trailer like, step by step, step on the very weakness, the feeling on the feet are like floating in the air, and finally back to his seat and sat down, she suddenly felt something coach factory online was amiss.

Where is the contest? Silver white phone on the table in front of this company rationing her, her own black cheap coach handbags silver side of the phone, and he with a mobile phone.

Oh! Golden bowl child heart jumped. God! The company's phone on her desk, and that that is now declared mirror rather hand holding her private phone?

Mother, ah to her that ticket buddies are several phone a twittering of talking, do not confirm who answered the phone, which will not ... he had just picked up the phone, just encountered this kind of situation, right?

General Manager, you ... you pick the wrong phone, that cell phones are my private. "

"This ah?"

"That is just who it was?" She asked cautiously.

"Do not know."

Gollum. Her tight mouth to swallow saliva. "That's the other side did not say anything?"

"I have recorded, in addition to the previous 'bowl bowl ~ bad bad!' Not recorded, the other has." Declared the mirror rather press a few keys, cell phone conversations just dial release immediately - -

My periods came before you and I the same day, to go to Japan, we eat together extended by the drug, I come to you to gone over how to do? Today you help me with it when I forgot to remind you!

Golden bowl children to hear hair stood on end. That prettily sound in addition to Yue belle no others, especially when she heard the word "period", she really ...... really want to die!

She forced a calm, said: "Oh, my phone often ...... often do not know a woman called me and certainly is wrong."

Declared with the mirror rather nod. "It is also possible."

"Is the thing that is coach online it!"

"I believe that the call can not be wrong, just that the first paragraph, as well as the second paragraph." He played the second paragraph -

Your identity in the company's men Hey, are you dressed as a man to do if let you "freezer" devil, general manager know you this gold secretary would be finished .... No, you're dead!

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