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For Mr Obama would limit guns as priorities, cheap dr dre beats White House spokesman

Posted Dec 17 2012 8:36am

A primary school in Connecticut in the United States 14 happened after shootings, New York changan drew · como, the Cheap Beats By Dre   mayor of New York city and the United States against illegal guns association of mayors co-chairman bloomberg, etc on the same day in many officials issued a statement, calling for swift action, legislation to strict gun control.

Bloomberg called on the US President barack Obama is sent to the families of the victims of his most sincere sympathy, but the United States needs to the President to congress to send the draft law to solve the problem of illegal to own guns. Bloomberg strongly against illegal to own guns, and said in a statement, "the United States has happened with guns too much about tragedy. Incredibly, so the scale of the shooting will occur in the school classroom."

"We need to act immediately, stop this crazy behavior. Bloomberg said.

New York state governor Andrew como said in a statement, the shooting massacre was "shocked and saddened", calling on the whole cheap beats society unite strict gun control. "Let this terrible tragedy strikes the positive action of alarm, I will spare no effort to support this effort."

For Mr Obama would limit guns as priorities, cheap dr dre beats White House spokesman karni said on that day, "today is not to talk about this in Washington well-worn BianTi."

"Now has reached must be serious about gun control and disturb us social gun violence, called for Mr Obama the President, congress and the American public response to our anger, and take action." New York female representative in accordance with the tower lowe (Nita Lowey) said in a statement. "we should not only to the victims express sympathy, more should take concrete action to gun violence."

On December 14, morning, the United States Connecticut new Kingston city sandy hooker elementary school campus shootings occurred, so far, has caused and people were killed, including twenty young children, this is the most serious one of school shooting.

Russian Novosibirsk state tartar Scott the district government representatives, provided that the local  minus forty degrees in winter, the circus two elephants for heating drank two boxes of vodka. The elephant after drinking in the jungle barking, as if very happy.

Russian Novosibirsk state emergency administration say, because the two elephants delivery truck on fire, the driver found in smoke and stop immediately, two elephants survive. Then, they will be tamed animals member to the road, with the tropical animals running with heating.

The local government representatives say, in the elephants for inspection, found that they have long ears on a slightly damaged, has blotted out the special ointment. Because of the cold weather veterinary give two elephants feeding vodka heating. He speculated that, two box vodka confirmed after hot water to feed the elephant, they after drinking  in the jungle barking up, perhaps it is because happy.

The representative of China stated that the two elephants were age 45 and and years of age, and the weight 5 tons, belong to in all over Russia tour acrobatic troupe. Frostbitten tamed animals member has sent to local hospitals and accept the necessary to heal.

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