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Focusing have a lot of money! Dress up as pig to eat tiger! God level button will even out big back into a laughing stock

Posted Feb 18 2013 2:22am
doubled, suddenly and violently to 16.4 points, this also let him become NCAA the most formidable, at the same time one again in the 2011-12 season "Pac - 10" annual best team. At the same time, Ross was also able to improve their fast shooting skills to use. According to statistics, sophomore year rose the offensive Nike Air Max 2012 Mens end mostly with jumper is given priority to, and is mainly long-range shooting; Ross shot release of 40% is 3-pointers, and half of positional warfare is two-thirds jumper. His 3-point percentage from freshman year 35.2%, rising to 38.4%. Striker nature, all show without involuntary discharge of urine. Strengthen the upgrade, he tirelesslyFor Ross, thought no one more than the Toronto raptors boss have a say, "his characteristic is so outstanding, I mean, he is still insufficient, but you can clearly feel, he is like a piece of treasure to dig," Kathy said, "and the final mining, is only his own." Obvious advantages, but like many has talent Nike Air Max 2012 Womens but still owe burnish of young players, Ross faults also outstanding. And after he came into the league scouts report, these were also clearly listed out: "disadvantages: in the first step, the speed of the breakthrough on the lack of enough power, also don't know in the better use of their own speed. Near the basket of the dunk shot selection technology is insufficient, sometimes is not very good." "I have seen those write my shortcomings of thing, I think it is more important to me meaning," Ross said. "he will want me to improve and strengthen the more targeted, after all, in this league survival, really is a great challenge. But you can see, there are also winners, isn't it?" Ross clearly remember the first game of the season, against the indiana pacers, Ross play 6 minutes twice hit a 3-pointer, Nike Air Max 2011 and finally in addition to rebound, all data all odd. "Even if it is a common shot, become very difficult, the first time I met the strength of the fight," Ross said. "but it also let me know, want to score during games, is not the usual practice for empty basket so simple." "He also asked my opinion," Kathy said, "I told him to want to survive here, adapt to the fight must want to do it, or any talent and technology, are simply does not exist the possibility of play." During the university and the whole shooting effort, now again unconsciously from Ross body drill out, enhance against become rose and a purpose to conquer goal. In addition to simple strength training, but Ross in every daily training process, increases the huge against strength, very close to the actual level of the stadium.He will let trainer when in his dribble Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 constantly with the body and collision oneself, still can let trainers in his shot pulling force his hand, "is like a real game will happen in it," Ross said, "find the most let me uncomfortable training methods, to improve my most need to improve place." "I'm sure a lot of people know how to do, but I'm not sure who will really determined to do, however, terrence absolute is an exception," teammate DE rosanne words now, but don't be a compliment."To be low-key," with the words to describe this year's dunk contest, again appropriate nevertheless. Rise to fame of the former KouLanWang, in an interview before the show will be overtly, but it also seems to be no game, they have the title in the bag. And two unknown junior, the game's low-key low-key, have never thought, again in the final decider, were the two men met. In many NBA [micro bo] starter to participate in "all-star Saturday" round table interview meeting, concern most unexpectedly is a rare on the field of "small potato". "If there is a" in the history of basketball ten big dunk "list of words, I think I have at least six action have the opportunity to selected," knicks confident James white said. Admittedly, the unknown in the NBA player, in the dunk field position but few
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