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feeling around all people are womens nike free run 3 dissatisfied with contempt

Posted Nov 27 2012 7:00am
The long vanity Let me plummeted in the mid-term exam, the scores have fallen to the bottom. Teachers, students, I had a suspicion and contempt. I can almost see any one time, their eyes seem to say: "cut, disgusting," You did this "feeling around all people are womens nike free run 3 dissatisfied with contempt. The teacher did a lot of suspicion, it can be said that, I do not believe. Everything around the turn of events, so feel not accept, can not afford, can not withstand such a little blow. My self-confidence, at this time, sink into the abyss. I am around all helpless, even if it is a little bit small I feel discouraged, frustrated, I think, "I do not have the ability to change it". Life from becoming stoop, apathetic.

My grades, it has been positioned in the class of "bottom". Such a year of life, my position in the class, has become a: the "teacher despise, indifferent to" let the students hate, do not accept "by the boys and girls of concern". My life has become very bad, all day classes has been circled in how I would become such a "inferiority" bad mood, it has been not pull it up, and is also interested in studying. My heart is a nike free run 2 mens mess. Contradictions, pain, I lost myself, I can not see themselves, I stoop, lazy, have been to change their desire for change in the outside world, but I can not change, the intersection of inferiority and vanity so My mentality is getting worse, I even refused to accept also despised own, does not spare his own, are extremely vulnerable to the impact of the students, easy to follow the crowd, watching other people talk. There is a little of their own minds. I feel that my life does not make any sense at all. I feel alive. Alive or dead are the same.
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