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farmers believe that this is the most mens nike free 5.0 resistant to hunger and food

Posted Feb 05 2013 6:19am
Sang me a deep impression on the rural valley. Locals claiming from Shanxi Hongdong Big Ash, accent special, "Shao said tert, said the tired" make "fast enough or so", said the sick is not the spirit. Out that mountain, terraced backgammon, walnut tree jujube, peach pear, Jing Artemisia creepers, flowers, bees and butterflies, rugged terrain along the ditch on steep Yamagata, the venue for King. Qifeng, rocks, Church Road, Qi Tian Qi River, odd Stream, odd Valley, fairy world. Long-term perspective, Village picturesque mountains outside road, the cheap nike free 3.0 vehicle flies. Seasons, confront and cold and heat, the sun, moon and stars, the weatherproof Xueshuang, the end of the infinite beauty, infinite variations. This is where the opportunities fragile immature nerve slender Wang Meng to a visit to go one work a growth of a workout!This is how I want real and optimistic.Simply there is no other choice.

Here is the old, old party members in the old guerrilla farmers. They catch up with a thousand years of the Great Leap Forward, the new guise, including not eat oil and edible oil point to the cornfields. Cafeteria, eat no more money to eat a bread, the news spread to dozens of kilometers away, to this day, a free ride to friends and relatives around the mulberry valley. Highest eaten fried yellow rice (millet) surface sticky cake dipped in honey. The farmers believe that this is the most mens nike free 5.0 resistant to hunger and food, the adage goes: sweet potato slipped fart, cut cake two miles. Autumn morning battle, get up every three p.m., first back radish, sweet potato placed in hastily dug pit, and later all nipped. Followed by deep plowing, pulls out the yin earth, resulting in production. Universal poems, the Great leap resounding. Literacy to the people, the three months to eradicate illiteracy.
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