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Ezine Article on Alcohol and Marijuana Use With Antidepressants in Teens

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:04pm

I published an article in the last several days, on the   EzineArticles site, called, “Teenage Depression- Beware of Using Alcohol and Marijuana. My article gives case studies of 2 depressed college students that I treated with antidepressants. In both cases, there was recreational use of marijuana and alcohol. Both individuals did not respond to the antidepressants until they stopped using marijuana and alcohol.

In the ezine article, I summarized a study by Dr. Benjamin Goldstein et al at the University Of Pittsburgh. He studied 334 depressed adolescents who were using marijuana and alcohol at a recreational level. His data showed reduced antidepressant response in depressed teenagers using marijuana and alcohol, similar to the college student cases outlined above.

The researchers found that those that quit marijuana/alcohol during the study showed a good response to antidepressants and those that started using marijuana/alcohol during the study had a reduced response to antidepressants.

The take home message for depressed teenagers on antidepressants is:

You Use, You Lose

In other words, you lose antidepressant response. Remember, recreational use of alcohol and marijuana interferes wIth the antidepressant response.

If you want to feel better, let the antidepressants do their job in your brain without mixing its effects with other drugs you may want to experiment with. According to this study, antidepressants are most effective for your age group if you are not using drugs or alcohol.

For more details: click on my article: Teenage Depression – Beware of Using Alcohol and Marijuana!

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