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Excessive Drinking Is Ruining Your Life. What Now?

Posted Sep 30 2008 12:50am

You’ve had an epiphany of sorts. You have crossed the line in your own mind that separates the social drinker from the drunk.

You needed a drink last night and one more turned into 3 more strong and deep. You rationalized that it would take the edge off, help you get through the night and you would deal with it in the morning.

You tossed and turned in bed, grinding your teeth and trying to calm your restless legs. Unable to lay still you awoke to have that drink so maybe you could numb your active mind enough to pass out and call it sleep. Now in the morning light you realize that because of your excessive drinking you have just crossed the line to alcoholic. You can’t believe what you are thinking!

Your Uncle Ted was a drunk, a full blown alcoholic and everyone knew it since he displayed all the signs of alcoholism. His excessive drinking was the subject of much pained discussion over the years and even the punch line of inside jokes. In short he was never taken seriously and many who knew him did not hide their disgust for him. Knowing this only makes your stress and anxiety worse.

Your excessive drinking has gotten out of hand and you try to remember when it started to get so serious. You now recognize the problem and you think about your options, but first you need a drink to still the shakes and get the edge off from last nights hard, secret drinking.

You’re drinking way too much and the effects of it are starting to show in how you treat those around you. You’re quick tempered with your loved ones and avoid them as much as possible because they interfere with your drinking what with their demands of spending more time with them.

Worse yet you try to participate in family activities and you wind up driving under the influence since you need just enough booze in you to function normally - or so you think. You showed up at your kids school play loaded but you managed to pull off meeting with teachers, friends etc and no one noticed a difference in you - at least that’s what you told yourself.

You chew alot more gum or mints than you ever had before and try all sorts of ways to mask your breath when you go out. It’s all such a hassle you decide to start making excuses for staying home and you start slipping away…HEY! They deliver booze now and even take credit cards! This saves you having to leave the house and drive to the liquor store and maybe having to stop at the bank’s ATM on the way. It’s way too risky trying to avoid the cops all the time.

You run all this through your head while drinking the hair of the dog that once again bit you last night and you tell yourself “Dear God, I think I’m actually an alcoholic.”

It’ll be another 2 years before family intervene on your behalf and try and save you from certain death. Life altering ultimatums are given to you; promises of a doctor’s appointment and alcoholism treatment are made. Guilt and shame over take you and you decide to continue drinking for the next few days and wean yourself off the bottle because you know yourself better than anyone. What a mistake! You are in worse shape than you imagined and you’ve never been so sick before!

This is one scenario of both the worst day and the best day in the life of an alcoholic. It doesn’t have to get this bad and there are options available today that can help you avoid spinning out of control. When you realize you have a problem, act on your instincts and find help fast. Private alcoholism treatment such as Dr. Pearlman’s therapy would have been an ideal situation for this individual.

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