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even if she is the owner of the

Posted Jan 18 2013 5:42am

No choice but to let other users full to be in the toilet for half an hour, she was in outstanding first-class impatiently urging, refuge.

Out of the toilet, she is still in the dressing room of the stage hands lingering fear that one out of the dressing room, Yin Shao-yi, etc. on the outside or oncoming.

Her anxiety think also Xudong Yu's head will not be so stingy, but a squirrel fainting thing, and even if she is the owner of the squirrel and how stunned he was not her.

Yes, that's it!

After a deep breath, her courage out of the dressing room, every step of the way for their own mental construction coach factory online - all right, Dongyu the president may leave early, all not something ...

Out of the dressing room, when she saw coach outlet store online the empty corridor, in the heart of the boulder suddenly fall off;board=2.0 the ground.

Kazakhstan, she was doing so boring, threaten their own, outside simply not half a person, but not talk Dongyu that the head of the president.

The words Yingluo happy Young high lips, hands to the chest ask, "Whew! Good insurance, a person not ... she has not fortunate finished ahead suddenly appeared a slender silhouette.

As She almond Yuandeng not believe the eyes can see. Excessive panic and surprised her feet like grown roots in general, there is no way to move, only looked at each other one step close towards her.

"I finally found you." Yin Shao instrument, from the distance she lasts three steps to stop, a pair of cold, windy and eyes straight staring at her.

He and the front of the sub-petite woman'll have to square accounts!

Yin Shao Yi in this life has not so ashamed, actually harm him become a laughing stock, From time to time, friends come to laugh.

This matter originated in coach factory outlet a month ago with evil "morning After the meeting back to his office when he was hit by a big mouse of unknown origin to fainting.

If he was stunned by the things nobody knew no problem happens in time, good Sibu Si best, bad friends coach outlet store online and subordinates just looking for him to discuss one thing, the office door pushed open, to see to his awkward look down to the ground.

A disgusting rat, he became a laughing stock.

Days, he is the first so humiliating!

Rodents fainting fact, it is not his fault, was retrospectively since his childhood had been rodents attack, thus leaving a terrible impression. Growing up, his body long-haired, especially brown-black rodent generated great fear.

"I ... I do not know you, you find me 做啥?" Play the fool is best to come up with words Yingluo So far, the only sure way from life as coolies in Dongyu.

See her flickering eyes to know she's lying. Yin Shao Yi cold smile, "do not know me? Okay, I win is another way to let you restore memory."

"Do not know what a good memory recovery?" Her eyes did not dare to him. Pair of cold eye flashing with smart edge, she is a simple but girl, she has always been kept at a distance too shrewd man.

She told herself absolutely can not admit that she is the master bawl bawl, once admitted, her life became black and white.

Yin Shao instrument, faint smile at her.

"For some people, the loss of part of the memory to do what is good," he said that a pair of sharp like a knife in the eye straight condensate she jokingly to a removed her camouflage face. "But for people who have hurt those who have hurt how forget, especially not forget the people who hurt him more."

The Introduction Yingluo fiercely swallow a mouthful of saliva throat, "I sympathize with you, but it was nothing to do with me ah!" She must now learn to nonsensical. coach factory outlet"What's more, you are a Dongyu president, should no one can hurt you, right?" She began to flatter him.

I heard a flatter people can smug, skills high can make people confused and disoriented. To see Yin Shao instrument smile deeper Introduction Yingluo for the top-hat countermeasures right, she secretly cheap coach handbags relieved in their hearts, think that the crisis is declared to lift just ...

His smile how so different, not to mention coach outlet store online his smile very threatening, even a casual Tiaomei-action make her heart missed jump half a beat.

Yin Shao Yi funny watching her from just now, but he silent for their own identity, while the front of this small head even know he is president of the Dongyu?

She knew that he is who keeps to not know want to and he draw the line, I really do not know where she is less crazy and.

Obviously, her flattering can take horse legs.

"You sure do not know me?" Tricky hinted that she, the language of her discourse disease.

Words Yingluo insensibly smile, "like you VIP how I would recognize it?" She said, as the cold sweat side continued to fly.

Meisha temperature of this was covered in ice male gaze, her body temperature is difficult does not drop, and made her almost impossible to think, caught in a snow-white head ...... not! Is the gaps realm.

Yin Shao Yi nod deliberately said: "It seems that I am the wrong person, you should not bird marmot is the master."

"You're wrong, on the back you say it is a rat bawl bawl, not a mouse, not a groundhog, it is a squirrel." Words Yingluo not like the others to her bawl bawl wrong to identity.

Bawl bawl one mentioned, she began to speak a lot about the squirrel by prattled, squirrels and other rodents are not the coach outlet store online same, it has a long and beautiful and has a balance function tail ... "

Etc. her happy heart comes to a paragraph, inadvertently looked up, shocked to find Yin Shao Yi looked at her, "You refillable unlike expression this alert to, she said, too many to a black-and-white life push.

Over! She screams in mind. She Gansha mention bawl bawl mouth on the whole family looks like me! Ming ...... how to do now?

"You dare to say that the bloody rats are not you?" He watched with relish like looking at her.

"Squirrel." To correct him the words Yingluo whisper.

Yin Shao instrument simply ignore her corrected, grabbing live smile, said: "It seems our account can be properly cleared a cleared out."

"You ... do you want?"

"I was wondering what you use value," he looked like the items generally thinking she can take advantage of that look mad pleases and wounding.

"I ... I might be able to your company for nothing," she Qieqie give advice, she only wanted to compensate him. Honestly, she really no expertise, she will others will.

"DongYu no shortage of women workers." He said coldly.

This hate into the people vomiting blood man! Whatever the outcome is graduating from college, actually suitable when women workers?

He did just cachexia want to humiliate her.

Watching her pull down the face, Yin Shao instrument, cachexia, said: "I want you for what work, in addition to the women workers outside."

Things to the point where, if she or cowardly like soft tofu, she can envision their own future must be miserable, do not really want to go when the lifetime of coolies Dongyu? A thought, the words Yingluo break the silence opening.

Provincial Save your breath! Nothing of value, say looks no looks, said the figure did not figure, said the money would be more, I only expertise is raising squirrels scary. "She has been cornered is in state .

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