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Europe sundance uggs in

Posted Nov 15 2012 7:53am
hospital unintentionally reveals, that night the young master Europe Chen stomach trouble of surname group in Europe's going into action to hospitalize is sent into a hospital by the girl friend the Yin summer Mo of Luo Xi!Strangely fits of BE, at that time the fan of at the right moment in an interesting condition joys Yin summer Mo by hand the machine took down.Photograph inside, Chen in Europe lies in giving first aid sickbed, the Yin summer Mo lowers the head to see him, the expression of anxious concern shows unintentionally to have no remaining and imitate a Buddha 2 people acquaint with already a long time, feelings is deeply thick.-!So that's why-!In a short instant the whole riddle regiments all become water rockslide!The fame and wealth is indeed as expected a world to forbid a fruit most captivatingly, in the nursery tale again the romantic clean and pure love is also like this defenseless.For climing to uggs outlet surname group in Europe to in the future inherit a person, the Yin summer Mo is unexpectedly unfeeling to abandon to frequently once help her Luo Xi, and unexpectedly after the gloomy Luo Xi left, acquired the opportunity to star ofgold ugg roxy tall boots dance !Woman like this Have already quelled down after each medium are shocked of war ensign affairs afresh drive hot stir-fry, once is even covered up by concern starting shooting of world peaceful times .On the newspaper stand, the headlines of each newspaper is all so-called"the war ensign inside story" disclose-The Yin summer Mo abandons Luo Xi and climbs another !Luo Xi's withdrawing "war ensign" is to is harmed by feeling !The Luo Xi Yin summer Mo formally breaks up !The Yin summer Mo makes use of an ambiguity relation and obtains staring of"gold dance" position !The etc. of the etc.The media reporters even turned over China prosperous company in past Europe the connector sun company the newspaper on that day, the Yin summer Mo in the newspaper photograph fastens the appearance of green lace for Chen wrist in Europe sundance uggs in the rosy sunset and corroborates her to early contain to lure surname in Europe to inherit the person's heart!There is even reporter making public, Yin summer the Mo battle also greatly have inside story by television advertisement in Lei Europe becoming famous, she so the television advertisement that can connect to clap Lei Europe have very great relation with guide and support of Chen in Europe.Bear pondering about In the voice of extensive rebuke, the fanses of the Yin summer Mo sundance uggs is divided into two partieses.A parties firmly thinks the Mo in summer can't do one affair like this and by all means have among them what misunderstanding, the Mo once suffered as well past summer a lot of innocently blamed, but the end facts all proved her innocent;But another parties had the overwhelming majority of number, they is come over from the Luo Xi the fans, originally be love a house support because of the relation of Luo Xi for summer Mo, face news like this, they cut up rough and sad.In war ensign affairs, query the voices of Luo Xi no matter much big, the fanses of Luo Xi all have been firmly defending Luo Xi, it is to have the causal to believe firmly his to leave, even have real intentions!Now, the true facts made public, the fanses of Luo Xi substitute him again pain again remaining of the wound, on the contrary don't know how to do.They want to condemn Yin the Mo let for summer Yin for summer the Mo precept that gets her deserve, but Luo Xi the performance came out formely of to her love, and then let the fanses cant not bear to heart hastily behaviour, this is after all that Luo Xi way several in the last yearses are the only formally public in love, news conference that an act of the romance still graves

uggs outlet

in a heart at them, the Luo Luo is to really like her.The fanses are very sad, their Luo Luos sincerely fancy a female kid for the first time, will suffer from this kind of injury.But, in case of there is misunderstanding, the affair of show biz is true true or false leave whirling, they decide patiently wait for declaring of Luo Luo.But, if really ugg sundance is the Yin summer Mo this woman hurt Luo ugg roxy tall boots Xi, they would don't hesitate to adopt any means to make her pay a price dhjkadhuijh for deserving!Night.Cellular phone music is dying to ring out in the living room of Ji sort, the call shows up gleam "summer Mo" in You blue, silent musted imitate a Buddha in the air don't breathe, cellular phone always always ring vibrate, "summer Mo" two words jump up at night of have already grown an icy cold felling in the breathing.The Luo Xi eye bottom utter darkness is like night.His look in the eyes peculiarly stares at to begin the name that shows on board and imitates Buddha to wait to see her patience to actually have how long at the etc..Bell ring Ga ugg sundance however stop, his heart palpitates also fiercely stopped in that a moment, the lips color was gradual pale.Suddenly, cellular phone music stubbornly rings out again and still keeps gleaming her name!The finger tip is some to shiver-Want to press to connect key slowly
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