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Entrepreneurship: A handsome young man with more than 300 stores in nine years Shoe

Posted Sep 21 2012 4:49pm

20 years old, Linyi guy Qin Xu column dry their own efforts to the company foreman, but decided to resign after a month to dry Shoe. Girlfriend does not support, does not support his family, friends, nor support ...... he Chuaizhuo nike free run 3 to 20 dollars all over the country to study with a teacher, with the first store, they opened a second, followed by a third, "a break Shoe Repair "reputation is growing. This year, the 29-year-old Qin Xu column is already small business owners with more than 300 stores.

"Select Shoe, purely by chance." Time back to 9 years ago, and that year he was only 20 years old. "That year I had just graduated from secondary school, and his girlfriend in the company of Jiaozhou work, I was particularly hard, three months after exceptional promotion to foreman." Yet the Qin Xu column bones shares "momentum", mentioning as foreman month he resigned, others do not know this young and promising young man is how the only he was most clearly: I want to start to dry out their own career! Restaurants, electric cars, roadside teppanyaki, regardless of the industry, Qin Xu column related to people chat about inside nike free run 2 the market. Until one day, the the roadside corner humble shoeshine let his eyebrows, "I remember the 45-year-old man shoe repair master his word I'm impressed, shoe repair water depth of there way to go , for example, Ms.'s a heel, completing $ 5, in fact, the cost is only 50 cents, this market has done very profitable. "

Of an idea in mind Qin Xu column: business objectives found on dry shoe repair! Shoe repair? A 20-year-old, dignified young man just graduated from secondary school actually wanted to do shoe repair? Girlfriend said: "Can you dry, but inside I do not agree." Parents say: "good work stood quit, go to the people shoe repair doing?" The student said: "turned out to shop and shoe shine, how to think? "ear these dissenting voices kept appear, but Qin Xu column completely ignore, but more pragmatic arrangements with their own plans. To Shoe or shoe repair first master this technology Caixing certainly my first task is to learn, I first went to Weifang to visit an old master, consecutive went four times and he took me and taught me shoe repair. "

Finished school, do not have much capital Qin Xu column to the end of its tether, "I was found only 20 dollars, how to do?" Qin Xu column there is a very big advantage, strong interpersonal skills, a lot of friends around. He calls to several relationship better students, friends: "I want to open a shoeshine, and now need your help, then you can send your money to my card." Simple few words, the second day early in the morning to go to the bank to be investigated: 6 million. "I was extremely excited, holding 60,000 dollars to continue learning and around Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, a lot of the country city." Warriors after one year, 2003 Back Jiaozhou Qin Xu column began its own dream, in August of the same year, his first store built in Jiaozhou, named "one off".

Qin Xu column shoeshine taking the high road: placed in a clean room, a sofa, a comfortable background music, tea supply, Shoe prices than others home slightly more expensive, rub a shoe costs $ 1, this price was equivalent to the price of a Golden Rooster and shoe polish. Dollars spent rub shoe someone go? Results soon came out, a lot of people can accept, slowly more and more people, the day's turnover reached six or seven hundred dollars, equivalent to the previous month's wages when the work of the Qin Xu column. Just four months time, his second store opened in Qingdao Liaoyang West Road, followed by the third, fourth ...

May at this time, Qin Xu column suffered most of the twists and turns in his view: partner away, and took away the three employees of the store. "He really chaotic." However, Qin Xu column can not give up the big deal was too tired point, think of a way to recruit people, get over it. Ikkyu Shoe "growing fame, August 2006, Qin Xu column already has more than 20 stores. "Then I thought, we should set up a company." In this way, August Qin Xu column "Hugh Leather Care Franchise Co., Ltd. formally registered and established companies." Some people may not read, does not mean that shoe repair shoes, how would leather care? This is the dream of Qin Xu column originally set: "I do not do the simple Shoe Repair, but for the entire leather care industry, shoes, leather purses, leather pad ...... leather so much, much large markets ? "

After rushing for nine years, 29-year-old Qin Xu column has long been not before that in everyone's eyes, "how is a wiping shoemaker" the young man, to the present, his company's's 300 more than a Hugh professional leather care shop "all over the country, with nearly 1,000 employees, the company reached 500 million yuan in fixed assets. In the  nike free run 3 company of thousands of people, the average age of employees is only 25 years old, and many of them are regular undergraduate. Qingdao A total of 40 of our stores, including 16 shopkeepers are college students from the year before last, we have here a year college students are receiving a large number of entrepreneurs, there is also graduates of prestigious universities. "Qin Xu column pride said.

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