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Emotional terrorism

Posted Oct 16 2011 9:05am

Chronic relapsers can be very intelligent and good with words. . . . It is important for treatment providers to box in chronic relapsers in order to disable their ability to manipulate with words.

It has been established that chronic relapsers are treatment-savvy, tricky and highly manipulative. During treatment, it is essential to stay one step ahead of an individual’s con game at any given time. Unfortunately, with this population, they don’t have much credibility for being honest, so it is important to investigate and watch them closely. Don’t take what they say at face value. Dive into the minutia and the details. Don’t give them an inch.

Chronic relapsers have had a lifetime of taking little responsibility for their actions and displaying no accountability for their behavior.

Most chronic relapsers have held people in their life emotionally hostage through threats to relapse, actually relapsing, threats to harm themselves, harming themselves, blaming, and creating fear. This emotional terrorism keeps loved ones in a position of walking on eggshells around the chronic relapser.

If you strip away the character assassination, this article on treating chronic relapsers actually does offers some valuable wisdom. But, WOW, does the writer view the chronic relapser as Mr. Hyde! Surprising this was published as-is.

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