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Due to the biometric time clock inherent in the human body not duplicate uniqueness

Posted Sep 29 2012 1:34am
Due to the biometric time clock inherent in the human body not duplicate uniqueness, the biological key can't copy, stolen or forgotten, using the biological identification technique identity, safe, reliable and accurate. And common password, IC card, striped code, magnetic card or key is there are lost, forgotten, copy and stolen many disadvantage factors. So using biological "keys", you can need not carry big string keys, also need not bother to remember or change the password. And the system administrator for more don't forget the password and helpless. Biological recognition technology products with the help of modern computer technology to realize, it is easy to cooperate with computer and safety, monitoring, management system integration, automation management.

 fingerprint time clock can be widely used in government, army, bank, social welfare security, e-commerce, safety defence. For example, a customer walked into the bank, he didn't carry bank CARDS, also did not recall the password on straight withdrawal, when he was on the ATM withdrawal, a camera on the user's eyes scanning, and then quickly and accurately completed the user identity identification, deal with business, this is the state of Texas joint bank a sales occurred in a real lens. And the sales department is the use of modern biological recognition technology of the "iris recognition system". The United States after the events of 9.11, anti-terrorism activities has become the consensus of governments, strengthen the airport security defence is very important. The United States visa grid companies face recognition technology in the United States as the two airport one's remarkable skill, it can in a crowd of people to pick out one a face, judge whether he wanted.

fingerprint time clock Has been the emergence of many biological recognition technology, such as fingerprint identification, palms geometry identification, iris recognition, retinal recognition, face recognition, signature recognition, voice recognition, etc., but some of the high technical content of biological recognition method is still in the experimental stage. We believe that with the rapid progress of science and technology, there will be more and more biological recognition technology is applied to real life.

There are different ways to realize biometric time clock. Some of them are imitating traditional public security department used method, comparative fingerprint local details; Some directly through all the features for identification; And some use more unique methods, such as fingerprint corrugated edge mode and ultrasonic. Some equipment can real-time measurement finger fingerprint, and others can't. In all biological recognition technology, fingerprint recognition is the most widely used a. Fingerprint identification for indoor security system is more suitable for, because can have a sufficient condition for the user to provide explanations and training, and system running environment is controlled. Because of its relative low price, smaller volume (can be easily integrated into the keyboard) and easy integration, so in the workstation security access system application of almost all fingerprint identification.
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