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Does Your Alcoholic Wife Need A Family Intervention?

Posted Oct 26 2010 10:16am

Do you have an alcoholic wife? Do you feel alone because her alcohol problem is hidden from your circle of friends, but YOU know the ugly truth? Are you struggling trying to deal with your alcoholic spouse every day? Here is a story from my practice: TJ is a 42 year old mom of 2 kids: 12 and 14 years old. She is married to MJ who is an entrepreneur. When they go out with friends on week-ends, Mj has noticed his wife doesn’t stop drinking after a few drinks. Sometimes she even drinks enough to slur her speech which embarasses him.

Worse than that, he has found vodka in her coffee thermos several times. When he was looking for the car manual the other day, he found several bottles of vodka in the glove compartment of her car. When he confronted her, she denied everything, got very angry with him, and stormed off (probably to find my alcohol, he thought).

He doesn’t want to ignore the fact he has an alcoholic spouse because he is so afraid she is drinking and driving the kids to and from school and their other activities. He thinks she is getting up when he is asleep and drinking. What are his options? He wants her to get help, but she doesn’t want help.

His alcoholic wife is in complete denial about her disease. She lies to him all the time. However, MJ understands his children’s safety is at risk because his alcoholic wife drinks and drives.

The best person to help MJ’s alcoholic spouse is a professional interventionist. This type of person is trained to help with family intervention. An alcoholic intervention is delicate process. An interventionist will help you figure out who should be present at the intervention and will keep the process as positive as possible. Most importantly, they are excellent guides for which programs may be the best option for your alcoholic spouse.

It is meant to help break through his alcoholic wife’s denial of her alcohol problem by hearing from people who care about her what the impact of her disease has caused them. Many times the result is the person goes to treatment.

If you want additional help turning your marriage around  click here to register for my free report on, “ 5 Proven Methods For a Healthier Marriage With Your Alcoholic Spouse”. It may save your family’s life. The information in this report gives you very simple strategies that could very well save your marriage.

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