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Does Your Alcoholic Spouse Get Drunk and Suicidal?

Posted Sep 24 2010 5:15am

Does your alcoholic spouse ever express suicidal thoughts when they have been drinking? As you know, living with an alcoholic has many ups and downs. Unfortunately, those with a drinking problem often suffer from depression.

Here are 5 reasons your alcoholic spouse may get drunk, depressed, and even suicidal:

1. Alcohol is a central nervous depressant and can cause depression.

2. Your alcoholic husband is attempting to self-medicate his feelings of depression in an attempt to feel better.

3. Your alcoholic wife is more impulsive when she drinks and therefore more likely to act on a suicidal impulse.

4. Your alcoholic husband is more likely to be irresponsible about taking his antidepressants and therefore experiences “breakthrough” depression.

5. Even if your alcoholic spouse is taking antidepressants, the medication isn’t nearly as effective when a person is drinking.

Alcohol abuse and depression are a very dangerous combination. I have treated a lot of depressed alcoholics who have felt suicidal when drinking, some who have even made suicide attempts when drunk.The first step to treat the depression is for that person to stop drinking. Sometimes, they will feel better within the first week or two. If the depression persists, the next step may be antidepressants. Therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are very important aspects of treating alcohol abuse and depression.

From a psychiatrist’s viewpoint, alcohol is toxic to someone who suffers from depression.

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