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Does Your Alcoholic Husband’s ADD Drive Him To Drink?

Posted Sep 17 2010 6:39am

Are you married to an alcoholic husband that was completely disorganized and discombobulated even before his drinking problem progressed? Was he always misplacing things and never finishing the projects he started?

I was prompted to write about this because as a psychiatrist that treats a lot of addiction, I see a lot of cases of attention deficit disorder (ADD) in my patients suffering from a drinking problem. ADD and alcohol seem to go together.

“What’s the scoop?”

15% of adults with ADD have a substance use disorder. This is double or triple the rate of adults without ADD. People with ADHD (attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity) show more impulsive behavior and poor judgment (in other words, more prone to drink).

Your alcoholic spouse may have ADD and is attempting to self-medicate. His brain is hyperactive. He tries to counter his racing thoughts by self medicating with alcohol.

Stimulant treatment  for ADD as a child may actually have a protective effect against developing a substance abuse disorder later in life, according to a number of studies.

If your alcoholic husband suffers from ADD, he should seek treatment for both disorders.  I rarely prescribe stimulants for an alcoholic because they tend to abuse the medication.There are other medicines that can beneficial such as Wellbutrin or Stattera.

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