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Does the Black Fly Say Thank You?

Posted Sep 15 2009 4:44pm
More examples of abundance and the cycle of life this morning.

There is a family farm nearby where you can pick strawberries. I went there this morning to pick enough to make jam. The same reptilian thoughts go through my mind every year I get to the field, too many people here, there won't be enough for me-me-me. Look at that picker, she moved rows, she's coming into my space, what if I'm in her space, if she tells me to move-what will I say, will the owners get involved, oh shame shame!

And instead, I find abundance. Nature is fecund. Many, many berries under every leaf cluster. Ruby red beauties nestled on straw beds placed by other humans working together. That satisfying snap as a ready berry leaves its cap behind. Thank you, thank you Mrs Plant. Your offspring are coming home with me. Then a black fly takes a bite out of my shoulder.

I eat. He eats.

I ease my car out of the field and acknowledge a mother and her toddler. Over her shoulder I see the tiny cemetery next door.

My son is hanging out at a friend's house today where his older sister will be married. 'I think I'll stick around for that', he says.

I can't make this stuff up if I sat down and tried. Nor could I plan it. What's good about today is that I can notice it and share it with you.
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