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Do you think Apple iPhone5 will surpass 50 million units

Posted Aug 24 2012 9:15am

Barron reported: according to a recent survey of 2000 consumers, Robert w. William Power, Baird analyst forecasted that Apple could sell more than 50 million iPhone 5 on only United States. This is a pretty big leap, Apple last year when the global launch of iPhone 4s, only sold 37 million units.

Baird's survey found that respondents eligible for phone upgrade with 39% (6% people in less than three months will be eligible for upgrade), there were 45% people plans to buy iPhone. At the same time, potential buyers want an Android device only 22% (31% people have not yet decided).

This difference does not make you feel strange: an insurmountable amount may be now the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, however, I can't think of any equipment can be faster than Android devices (when it unveiled the Droid Razr HD, Motorola maybe could change our minds). In this connection, I cannot help but feel premature to say sorry to Nokia, the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices, which will be announced in early September (probably a week before the iPhone 5).

This was a fatal blow to Nokia, iPhone 5 might be advertised so well, Nokia listed one week later, there is no sustained recovered, iPhone 5 will come across the globe. The light of iPhone5 is too bright, cover all around, fireflies will bring people a glimmer of light in the night, it's light can no longer be displayed during the day.

From William Power survey also found that iPhone users are the most loyal to their platform, and 77% said they will buy another iPhone. Only 48% Android user said, they will stick to Google's platform. Worth noting is that 17% the current Android owners interested in the iPhone, ready to choose to purchase the iPhone 5. What is more, more and more iPhone fans have bought many iPhone accessories on best case mall, such as, iphone holder, stylish iphone case, cool iphone case, iphone dustproof plug and so on.

Another interesting finding: the survey found that 51% consumers are interested in Amazon's a Smartphone, and only 7% wants a Facebook phone. According to reports of the judgment, Facebook is to build some type of mobile phones, but I don't really think it needs one. Facebook is not suitable for its development, competitors are too powerful, is not an ordinary company can afford.

Apple iPhone 5 will be published in the September 12 event is expected, released on September 21, the date appears to be particularly fixed, and now we hear about Verizon and AT&T prevent employees on September 21 to leave.

Apple iPhone5, though it is not yet available, reports emerged in front of people, whether it is a hype or marketing tool, for people interested about iPhone 5. Leave such an impression in people's minds, iPhone 5 is unique, there is no Smartphone can match it, which is the same as the throne, everyone wants to have it.

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