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Do not superstitious A film to find her sensitive area is most important

Posted Sep 07 2013 6:12am

Many skills are learned from A piece inside, and then apply a girlfriend or sexual partner in the body, this is a very sad fact, because few have the correct pipeline spread correct knowledge and attitudes, we had from Other pipeline study or my own. What are the needs of men? It's hard to say, some people like the aesthetic feeling, the best three o'clock is not exposed; Some people do not care about the plot, the best picture is a bright intense movement of the piston; someone can not meet the usual way, have to be sexual abuse or a bunch of tricks to make him feel stimulation. In any case, A piece like a typical movie, realize the dream, so in real life can not be done, in the fantasy fulfilled UGG Maylin. What Is A film not learn the moves? There is "Sync feeling." When she frowns, I get out of this is to distinguish pain or discomfort do? When she Jiaochuan repeatedly when the resolution was out is installed or Really UGG スリッポン? When some one touched her skin, when it resolved she likes it that way? expression can be installed, the sound can be installed, can endure pain, displeasure can hide, but the body does not lie, spoke these words, probably a lot of people laugh, "Yeah, are so wet, which means that she must have really wanted, "and not at all, it's just A film A comic to your message, it is no wonder some people believe that" If a woman is being raped nowadays experience wet, cool that she actually really wanted. " Body does not lie mean, the girl's senses, including discomfort, pain, anticipation, tiredness, meet .. スニーカー.... etc., from various parts of the face and other tiny muscles quiver reflected. And everyone's erogenous zone distribution, sensitivity, psychological feeling is not the same, some people will just be pro ear flushing, and some people are when there is a strong oral aversion, some people like soft hair on the back of touching, some people began to hate one erogenous zone being too strong stimulus, if the heart, which can be subtle reactions from her observation of it UGG スリッポン. Does not have a static method that can be applied in all the girls body. A film demonstrates various "can love" approach, no one tells you how to understand people's emotions and feelings pillow, A film actress since the true sense, not rendered on the screen. In order to satisfy the audience's appetite, feeling even be distorted. If you really care about the partner's feelings, no strange posture, do not need dazzling skills in every inch of skin touching her body, you can tell what way she likes to get out and let her get fully satisfied. レディース


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