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Do Interventions Work for Teenage Alcoholism and Drug Abuse?

Posted Jan 16 2011 3:17pm

rehab Do Interventions Work for Teenage Alcoholism and Drug Abuse? If you have a child suffering from teenage alcoholism or teenage drug abuse, you are most likely are desperate for answers that will help your teen overcome substance abuse. Many times a teen or young adult is in incredible denial that there is a drug or alcohol problem despite it being obvious to everyone else. Treatment is ineffective until the addict admits that he or she is being controlled by alcohol or drugs. Do interventions work?

Yes! Alcohol and drug interventions can sometimes be just the ticket to break through the denial involved in both teenage alcoholism and teenage drug addiction. How?

  • A professional interventionist will help the family pick the best people to be at an intervention.
  • The interventionist has the family write letters to their teen or young adult child that they read at the intervention.
  • An interventionist will have you first practice the addiction intervention without your teen present.
  • The interventionist will keep things on a positive note during at intervention which is almost impossible if the family attempts this by themselves. This is because there is so much resentment from a teen or young adult’s addictive behavior that has impacted the entire family.

Interventions are very tricky (and can be very expensive). However, they can save your loved one’s life (priceless). Sometimes they backfire and damage relationships. By the time someone is considering an intervention, it has become obvious that not taking this step may cost your teen his or her life.

If teenage alcoholism or teenage drug abuse is a problem in your home, take action because addiction does not get better on it’s own.

(If you are considering an addiction intervention and do not know how to find a professional interventionist, you can drop me an e-mail and I can give you some resources).

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