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Discover How to Farm WoW Gold in Wotlk

Posted Nov 12 2012 3:27am
Discover How to Farm WoW Gold in Wotlk with Best Wotlk Gold Guide   
Here's a brief rundown of what's new this time around:
- All new strategies for WotLK - Northrend revamped - gold making hot spots, more crystallized element farming spots, profession gold making tips, and much more.
- Daily Quest Guide Update - My recently added Northrend daily quest guide has been overhauled and added to the main daily quest guide, complete with links to WoWHead and star references so you know which quests are best to undertake.
- New Auction House Strategy - A cannot fail new strategy has been added to my already gold bursting Auction House guide, guaranteed to work for every class, level, and style of play out there.
Low level cloth is easy to get, and sells for good gold in World of Warcraft. Yes it can be boring, but if you need some quick cash, never forget about the low level cloth! Kind of a no brainer, but sometimes you need that extra gold, read ahead for some good spots to farm your low level cloth. If you want a ton of gold fast make sure you study how to farm WoW gold from Wotlk gold guide.
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