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Different Currencies per raid tier Emblem of heroism

Posted May 10 2013 1:06am

There's a faceless one boss that separates the party into their own phases of the fight where players have to defeat mind controlled versions of themselves. When one target is defeated and another is still alive, wow gold the victorious player phases into another player's phase to help out. Raid ZonesChamber of the Aspects –


The Obsidian SanctumRaid zone located inside Wyrmrest Temple Expandable Choose your own difficulty and reward 10 or 25 man content for all players You can choose to kill the twilight drakes or not. If you choose not to kill the sub-bosses before attempting the final boss, you get a twilight drake mount as an award. Eye of EternityThis is the home of Malygos, the blue Aspect of Magic. Story wise, you shouldn't be able to beat the aspect of the blue flight by yourself-so the red dragonflight comes to help midway through the flight. Itemization Higher quality loot from heroic dungeons The loot is escalated up one tier from normal to heroic difficulty.


Different Currencies per raid tier Emblem of heroism and emblem of valor Different tiers of badge gear. Lending set bonuses to both tiers of gear. More WoW Raid Panel newsin our world of warcraft gold site:  By the way ,We have done a great number of orders for wow gold and have hundreds of orders for wow power leveling currently. Buy wow gold here.

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