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Did you early ugg slippers know

Posted Nov 15 2012 7:33am
spine has a cold idea to gradually rise.The lips color of mens shoes boots">ugg style boots Luo Xi is sad but beautiful to get struck with fright or horror."Did you seek him?"The Yin summer Mo Jiang Zheng.If admit that she really once seeks Chen in Europe, so, to Luo Xi, what explain that he also listens to not to go in?"You sought he is be not?!You asked for a favor with him is be not?!"The hesitation that sees her, his heartache must imitate a Buddha be spilting open."You believe what he says?"Her Ning notes him."Is that I is asking you!"The Luo Xi roars low."Like, that I tell you,

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" Yin summer the Mo chest rose and fell for a while and bit to grind teeth to say, "I didn't do with him what bargain as well as once promised his any condition.""That why ""Because this for he but the speech is to don't lose, but can hurt you my best method.You are heavy to return to war ensign , China in Europe is prosperous since can warm up film and can avoid investing risk, but a few of his words, and then can make you doubt what shameful bargain I secretly did."She intentionally used some unpleasant to hear wordses, one word word ground icy coldly say, " do you think what I will promise?Go to bed?Or afresh and is he together?Do you leave war ensign and then will collapse after one setback?In my in the mind, you didn'tyet be so defenseless!""You-do not fool me?"The Luo Xi eye ugg style boots pupil utter darkness utter darkness, lips Cape deeply cold idea.The Yin summer Mo shuts eyes, didn't want to say again what.The fury is dark to flow out in her heart, the noodles permits but adds elephant to freeze more frost sort of cool, a speech doesn't deliver, turning round will leave!The Luo Xi fiercely holds tight her hand!His finger-Is ice-cold-Tightly grasp her hand, have a to put on in hoarse voice don't easily realize of shiver-"I believe you."Yin summer Mo body stiffly the back toward him, he slowly lifts a pair of arms, from after death embrace each other she, silently put chin in her hair crest.Very long and very long, her body is just soft to come down, talks quietly:"Luo Xi, you dhjkadhuijh I exist in the show biz of disturbances, the true true or false leave hard to say clearly and usually need of isn't eyes and ear, but mutual trusting of mind.If each other a little trust also have no, probably breaking up will be an inevitable destiny."The Luo Xi hugs she tightly, like hug an own life sort to hug her."I will learn to believe you."The eye bottom fills the air the 1 F fog spirit, he is muttering to say, don't know is say to she listens to, or himself.2 people are silent.The night breeze blows to come in from the window and fills the air the flavor in night in house, the moonlight lonesomely spreads to shine on on two Human bodies, he and she imitates a Buddha together, and then imitate Buddha distance very far very far.******The Yin summer Mo thought at first the affair has already ended like this.Next several days, she accepts the reporter's interview with the amusement program that take part in each television station of pure love song play set, busy must almost don't take a rest of time.But she is again recording sound to try to listen to small kind of more than 20 single songs in Peng this one whole day, planning with record amount of company and choosing a next album will register of song.After be over completion of work makes, the color of the sky already late, she comes out to uggs outlet record sound Peng, Jean boon at outside of the car is first-class she.The Yin summer Mo drives door.89Jean's boon is being devoted to read newspaper in driving seat, hear a voice fiercely raise head after ringing, a pair of eyes again are shocked again is startledly stare her:"Did you early ugg slippers know?""What?""Luo Xi declares to withdraw fights ensign play set!"Jean's boon thousand times and shockedly once passed the newspaper in the hand.When she buys a lunch box process books and newspapers stand for summer Mo and see tops in all newspaper all be written with refreshing headline" war ensign rolls on with full force, the Luo Xi declares to withdraw to take", she absolutely dares not believes her own eyes!Is fight ensign it the dust that has been already fallen to settle?No matter at the beginning cause why, the China prosperous ugg slippers company in Europe in the end and formally appears publicly to clarify, and convenes a news conference, is even invited Luo Xi to weigh the time war ensign play set in person by Chen in Europe, the Luo Xi also accepted.How short how many days, and then appear mens shoes so big mishap?!She worried the ground connect a voice to cross-examine:"Summer Mo, exactly is what is the row?!Luo Xi how can give offense to China in Europe prosperous?!You read newspaper up say him what?Is promise and then deny!And, China in Europe prosperous now is us of landlord, if the relation makes Jiang, you are with Luo Xi "Yin summer there is some hair whites in the Mo facial expression, she once takes the newspaper in the Jean's boon hand and indeed as expected and up wrote Luo Xi to announce in public to withdraw war ensign play set.When the reporters inquire reason
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