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Cottonseed except reserved for breeding

Posted Dec 28 2012 2:18am
more than 80% is used to extract oil, the shelling cottonseed oil content of up to 33 to 45%, not less than the amount of peanut oil, the world, second only to soybean two importantedible oil source. Cotton seed oil, linoleic acid content accounted for 55% of the fatty acids, is a high-quality edible oil, refined processed into cooking oil, buffet oil, margarine. bedding set
Oil feet can be prepared from fatty acids and glycerol, an important raw material for the production of soap, lubricants, creams, paints, candles. Typically oil 15 to 20 kg per 100 kg of cotton seed, producing 47 to 50 kg meal. Meal do feed and organic fertilizer. In addition, cottonseed protein-containing 33 to 38%, the absorbent cotton kernel powder containing 45 to 50% protein, and rich in the B vitamins. However, due to cottonseed pigment glands contain high activity of polyphenolic compounds gossypol (C30H30O8), is toxic to humans and monogastric animals, limiting the direct use of cotton seed protein. Glandless cotton varieties, breeding means cultivating seed production without gossypol cottonseed meal can take advantage of the higher value edible protein. Glandless cotton (non-toxic cotton) pledget kernel meal protein content of 4 to 5 times of wheat, rice, corn, 5 to 7 times, and contains cereal grain shortage multiple basic amino acids. Incorporated into wheat flour or corn flour made ??into food can improve its nutritional value. Protein concentrate, extracted from cottonseed flour can be used for the treatment of metabolic disorders, or the production of protein drinks and protein enhancer.
Cotton seed shell accounts for around 38% of the weight of raffinose, pentosan-containing 22 to 25%, cellulose 37 to 40%, of lignin 29 to 40%. 10 kinds of products of the furfural, acetic acid, alcohol, acetone, levulinic acid, etc., is also prepared a raw material of activated carbon can be produced by chemical treatment. Cotton seed hulls are rich in cellulose and lignin, debris, remnants of a certain amount of cottonseed protein water ventilation performance, but also for the fungal culture can be used to cultivate edible fungi and medicinal fungi such as mushroom, white fungus, The fungus, Ganoderma lucidum, Hericium monocytogenes. Cotton seed hulls and cotton stalks can be used as a resin plywood and paper-making raw material. Cotton root and cotton seed extract gossypol, the manufacture of drugs to treat bronchitis and male contraceptive drugs. In addition, cotton is still a very good nectar plants more and more Bed Sheet in this store
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