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Conduct Disorder in Teens Predicts Substance Use Disorder

Posted Oct 29 2010 2:21pm

Conduct Disorder is an emotional and behavioral disorder in childhood and adolescence that involves aggression, bullying, destruction of property, truancy, and running away.

Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse, is often seen along with Conduct Disorder.  Attention Deficit Disorder tends to precede it.

A recent study in the October issue of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine showed: Conduct disorder in teenagers predicts Substance Use Disorders in adults. The study involved 485 participants who were studied at 16, 17 , 27, and 37 years old. The conclusion was that conduct disorder is a risk factor for Substance Use Disorder later in life. Other mental health problems, unemployment, and risky sexual behaviors were also associated with Conduct Disorder.

If you have a troubled youth, psychiatric intervention and family intervention are critical or your teen’s future is at risk.

Future research will need to address if early treatment of ADHD can lower the incidence of  Conduct Disorder. However, contrary to intuition, treatment of ADHD can lower the incidence of substance use disorders later in life.

As you  know, raising a trouble youth tears a family apart. The teenage years are years of risky and impulsive behavior. Early education of the dangers of teenage drug and alcohol abuse is very important.

If you want additional help with teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse,  click here to register for my free report on, “How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make With Their Addicted Teen Or Young Adult Child”. It may save your family’s life. It outlines the typical mistakes families make that actually perpetuate teenage substance abuse.

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