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Clippers Chris Paul because of injury, jamal crawford substitute cut down 30 points

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:57am
Clippers Chris Paul because of injury, jamal crawford substitute cut down 30 points, brad line displacement Paul starts, and griffin each had 19 points, Barnes 19 points; The rockets haddon 23 points, LinShuHao 12 points and 10 assists, Delphi's 16 points, parsons 17 points. Statistic the griffin a record back bank shot hit, the rockets haddon hit a 3-pointer ball response. The first 4 minutes twice the rockets hit a 3-pointer, the clippers in Jordan empty pick up Ken Griffey Max after a 7-6 lead, then two teams score very deeply worried, points difference maximum only three points, 2 minutes and 35 seconds two teams and flat. Since then haddon again hit a 3-pointer with 7-4 only after 29 - and lead the clippers. Time day beginning, two teams are still too close to call, the first 6 minutes four times the draw. This section with 5 more minutes, the rockets delfino hit a 3-pointer, after LinShuHao and parsons also hit a 3-pointer with 13-4 ball, after obtaining 52-45 lead. Clippers crawford hit three points scored seven points later, brad line and Barnes also scored 6 points, half - 59 behind only a rocket points. The third quarter, griffin and brad line with eight points, leading the rockets start at nine. Since then clippers willy - green again for a two 3 points, again hit attack high tide, and soon lead the rockets to achieve and points. Three quarters, the clippers to a 90-77 lead. The fourth quarter in most of the time the clippers are Ken Griffey Max 1 leading 10 points, the rockets finally depend on beverley and Douglas two three points after to ten points of less than, but it was too late. NBA regular season to continue, the Denver nuggets at home continue strong momentum, to a 115-111 overtime victory against the Portland trail blazers, obtain the longest season six wins, but also to rival three straight. Wilson - chandler with 14.9 seconds left in overtime 3-pointer ball break the deadlock. After this, the nuggets this season home record up to 15 wins, two negative. Nuggets tai - Lawson 24 points and 12 assists, kidd - method in Ed 21 points and 11 rebounds, Gary's the 25 points; The trail blazers' aldridge and points and eight rebounds, 6 assists, batu mu 22 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, gram's 19 points and rebounds, and vladimir radmanovic and points and eight rebounds, five assists. Statistic the Lawson and for the team's batu their scoring, Lawson hit a 3-pointer after the ball Nike Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe the nuggets 9-2 lead. The first 4 minutes Lawson twice hit 3 points, the Denver nuggets 16 - eight leading. Then the nuggets have been lead, and the blazers team in this section 4 points with eighteen seconds by bobby TeMing 3 points, after to 21 flat. Before the end of this section of the rudd and babbit again for a 3 points, the first quarter with a 35 - and lead the Denver nuggets. Time the Portland trail blazers section 4-0 leading to 39 - and lead the Denver nuggets, then the nuggets have chased, 5 points in the second method for Ed hook hit to 45 - again - 44. Half the Portland trail blazers - 54 lead. The second half open soon, Gary's three points and a war to 59 flat, more than half of the third quarter, the nuggets played eight points to a 70-63 lead the Portland trail blazers. Three quarters before the nuggets 81-76 lead. The trail blazers small the pursuit, in the last 32 seconds, by Matthews hit key 3 points after to Nike Air Max 2013 99 flat, Andre iguodala jumper two teams into overtime. Overtime two teams score gripped, finally 32 seconds 111 flat. Wilson - chandler with 14.9 seconds left in overtime after Andre iguodala assists hit three points, to a 114-111 win and then batu's 3-pointer wide of the choice of fouls, Lawson free throws the ball after the race was over. NBA regular season to continue, the lakers 104-88 victory over the bucks. Statistics the lakers have two wins, Bryant 31 points 6 assists, Howard get 31 points, 16 rebounds, four shots and CiShiPing 12 points 6 rebounds, Nash eight points and 11 assists, the team only eight turnovers, without pau gasol.
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