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Clippers buckle champion Griffin is a Union known for violence

Posted Nov 27 2012 2:29am
Clippers buckle champion Griffin is a Union known for violence, dunk is scoring weapons, but Griffin, except the Dunk of the season, he also frequently jump shot scoring, and Griffin has great experience to jump shot.Griffin dunk before his dinnercheap nike shox rivalry   of the federal capital, staged but often have very high demands on the body, sometimes because the score may lead to injuries.In the summer of this year, Griffin will undergo left knee surgery, due to injury reasons Miss London Olympic Games, this is his time in the last two years which underwent surgery a second time.In addition, Griffin's Defender, often to prevent him rushed to the basket down and attack, are often forced to Griffin to stay away from the basket, they want to be able to limit the Griffin's score.Before, once after Finland and away from the basket, his hits crash, so difficult to pose a great threat to opponents.

Yahoo sports reporter Mark-Britney Spears with Nick at the rocket after the end of world war I hadnike shox experience mens wrote in an article: "17th next month, Lin Shuhao returned to New York for the first time he faced the pressure will be greater than it is now.But the face gimmick of old Club certainly not as good as it was inducted into the all-star game, February next year he may beat over Paul, d Brooks, Nash became Western Conference starting from Chinese fans voting in which plays an important role."Due to an injury, Nash little number this season, and he may miss first, but Paul and Willem Brock wants to be on Kobe Bryant in all-star first episode, on the strength, they definitely qualify, but......

Nick should have been at the beginning of the season and the nets had a city war, but Sandy is not given the hurricane, originally scheduled for the Beijing time, November 2, will come into effect New York Knicks VS nets New York Brooklyn Derby war forced extension.As a result of the hurricane, Nick, training courses have been affected, had once been stopped for safety reasons.In Nick's last game, they at first 121-100 victory over the Pistons, record up to 9 wins-3, continuing ranked the 2nd place in the East.Anthony in the midst of the massacre game, feeling hot, swept through 29 in 32 minutes, Nick home 5 consecutive victories, the new season at Madison Square Garden may defeat.
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