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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that China's position on the

Posted Oct 20 2012 6:33am

Yasukuni Shrine issue is consistent and clear. Hong Lei said, the Shrine the year external war of aggression launched by Japanese militarism spiritual tool has enshrined Class-A war criminals from World War II with the people of the victimized countries in Asia bloody records. Yasukuni Shrine issue is related to the Japanese side is the correct understanding and treatment of the history of Japanese militarist aggression, whether to respect the feelings of the majority of the people of the victimized countries, including China. "We demand the Japanese side view and reflect on history, effectively, in line with the spirit of 'taking history nike air max 2009 womens sale  as a mirror and facing the future' and abide by the solemn statements and commitments made so far in the history issue, the face of the international community responsible."

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported that the South Korean government strongly condemned the two Japanese cabinet members and a number of members of Congress to visit the Yasukuni Shrine, saying it is irresponsible behavior. "The Japanese side should face up to the situation and reflect on history, seriously think about how to live in harmony with its neighbors." nike air max classic bw shoes for sale

South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman Zhaotai Yong said at a regular news confe cheap nike air max 95 shoes  rence on the 18th, Japanese politicians, including the incumbent cabinet members, including visits to the Yasukuni Shrine is irresponsible behavior despite the national feelings of the neighboring countries, deeply regretted. He said South Korea again urged Japanese politicians to face up to history humble attitude. Reported that yesterday afternoon, the president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine, a move to allow nationals of neighboring countries such as South Korea, China worried about. South Korean Foreign Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine on the 17th condemned and expressed regret and concern.

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