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Chinese Chiffon Wedding Dresses wedding custom

Posted Oct 18 2013 7:02am

The traditional homecoming custom of Chinese wedding

According the traditional Chinese Chiffon Wedding Dresses wedding custom, three days after the wedding ritual, the bride should visit the parental home with her husband, which can be called as homecoming or “huimen” in Chinese. The ritual of homecoming is an essential part of wedding processing. What do the new couple need to pay attention during homecoming? Let us make a short introduction.

The elders of bride attach great importance to the homecoming, therefore groom should get well prepared both in thinking and gifts in advance to Quinceanera Dresses 2013 leaving a pleasant impression on his father-in-law and mother-in-law. In ordinary situation there are four homecoming gifts. Taking all the homecoming gifts and bride wear the cute homecoming dresses, both the new couple should dress carefully, maintain the image of pretty and handsome in the wedding. During the dinner bride should accompany with groom to toasting to parents, friends and neighbour one by one. Be nice and polite.

The time of homecoming differs from place to place, in ancient China was the third or sixth day after the wedding. It also has the custom homecoming in the full moon. The homecoming custom has formed in the Spring and Autumn period and it is still followed today. When the new couple come home, the bride should be in front and the groom close behind according the old customs. When the new couple come back to the bridegroom’s family, the groom should be in front and the bride close behind. In ordinary situation it is not allowed that the new couple stop for the night in the house of bride, they must go back to the family of groom on same day according the custom that within a month the new house should not vacant.

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