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China today is actually a warrior square

Posted Dec 28 2012 2:47am

the mediocre has no public intellectuals. So-called public intellectuals in  air jordan gs for sale    China today is actually a warrior square, such a person also needs, but never give these poll dubbed public intellectuals of the title. Square of the Warrior is hitting public sentiment against him in a inflammatory language of hate something, these guys are square soldiers, is not a true public intellectual, or even the intellectuals, because they lack the knowledge, they did not see their ideal society was like. So, I think this is a big issue, I think we should call them fighters. This era really needed soldiers, because some things can't continue,



the soldiers shout out Hong Kong, describing himself as a "conscience of television" ATV,jordan retro 1 for sale   killing the day before the winter solstice, to the absence of performing arts courses for dismissing five artistes, unfeeling behavior of large numbers of artists and volunteered! ATV an old anger kick in unison, Chen Wei, Zhai Weilian to old colleagues and Pinky Cheung feels sad, au Kam-more exciting scold ATV: "there is no failure, only more bad"! The annual CCTV Spring Festival evening show host lineup has always been the focus of one of the 2012 Chair adjustment is almost the biggest ever. Zhu, the Republic Li Yong, Dong Qing, bi Fujian, sub Benin, Sisi Li; four men and two women, three older three new, powerful lineup. Apart from old face Zhu, Li Yong,



Dong Qing, sub bi Fujian and Benin, Sisi Li is the first featuring the Spring Festivaljordan retro 6 for sale evening host. Director Paula Harvey of carrying out young, people first thought is obvious. Snake host of the CCTV Spring Festival evening show is an extension of last year's team also added new blood new faces? if new student, Zhou Wei presided over the Lantern Festival evening party will do strengthening?In recent years in strange territories "record shining" of Asia depending on again punches, arrangements qualifications shallow of artist again training,

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