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Cheap iPhone 4 Cases With Free Shipping

Posted Mar 13 2013 9:24am

With the development of science and technology, emerge as the times require the beauty of this industry. Mobile phone protection shell is the industry accessories. Mobile phone protection shells have leather, silica gel, cloth, plastic, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other goods don't. Many creative products also extend the new features in the protection shell.

Korean channel factory ( Psychic Factory ) is designed this protective shell design called DeWalt for iPone5 users, and the United States of America DEWALT (DeWalt ) company name, meaning it is protective shell of a high quality. The design inspiration from the measuring tape shell commonly used tools. Back protection shell is equipped with a retractable metal tape, yellow and black color and commonly used tape tools like color, visual effect more approximate practical tools. Special products lie in the protection of housing and durable shock the materials and hold more feel thickness.

According to foreign stations reported the news, it is unclear how the DeWalt price. But it based on protecting the mobile phone can be used as a practical measurement tools, believe that for architectural students should be quite helpful.

Although there are a lot of battery protection cases that can support iPhone 5, such as Mophie produced Juice Pack Air and Helium Juice Pack, but the battery protection shell without what characteristic, can increase the amount of electricity. Today the Kickstarter website iKit NuCharge new project may be iPhone battery protection shell is best and most advanced case. What is more, it also offers cheap iphone 4 cases free shipping. Come on and get it on icase-zone.

The NuCharge contains a replaceable 1900mAh battery, and equipped with a bracket, replaceable shell, NuCharge passed the apple MFi certification. Of course, NuCharge is not the ordinary sense of the battery protection shell, just a block attached to the back of the battery, the internal connection line, but this design allows the user can be used directly on the iPhone interface. IKit NuCharge case sold for $59.

Italy Mestiere Deas fungal Daryl iPhone5 International Limited Edition diamond case

Unique and innovative design with a leather skull pressure python, finishing with 706 magnificent natural Champagne Diamond and diamond, weighing about 20 karats, it sold at $46000. The frame with a very mysterious cowhide presses Python skull is exquisite natural Blaupunkt + Topaz + natural diamonds into the show as the stars in the night sky bright.

Diamonds create noble body shiny diamond who don't love, put the diamond in jewelry has become obsolete, now popular diamonds inlaid on the mobile phone shell, diamond pieces inlaid on, not only than the crystal ornaments drill noble bright picked up the mobile phone answering the phone, certainly become the focus of others, highlight individual distinguished representative.

Italy Mestiere Deas fungal Daryl is a skull mysterious for design inspiration, to create the perfect lines and natural champagne combined with drilling technology, IPhen5 mobile phone shell with crystal clear bright diamond, show another minimalist thinking the ornate style of the default style, the demanding design taste traditional, the mobile phone has become highlight the personal taste fashion boutique. And MOTOV70, V600, V3X, PHS, TQC, IPhone4/4S diamond mobile phone caused panic buying successful warm case, in particular the introduction of iPhone 5 Global Limited 99 " International Limited Edition diamond casing, need to place an order, reservation, has a specific person through the pipeline scheduled three. If you want to order this case, you can enjoy other cheap iphone cases free shipping.

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