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Cheap How can you find your comfortable

Posted Oct 10 2012 9:33am

Meet other families who look to science and real-life phenomena rather than a higher power to account for the world around us. Come here to discuss everything from what you do about the holidays to how you talk to your children about your beliefs.

If you have a questions for the Atheist/Agnostics/Deists etc. Yes, the crazy kind that like to "speak in tongues." I never got the "tongues," and after a while that started to make me doubt, but not enough to lose faith yet. When I was a semi-rebellious teenager, I would just make up new beliefs to make whatever I was doing "wrong," perfectly fine. I read online that it was possible that Jesus smoked pot. LOL. IDK about that, but it was interesting. I told myself that there was nowhere in the Bible that specifically condemned premartial sex. It only said not to "spill your seed in the road," so that must mean to just not do it in public?

When I was 17 I got an atheist boyfriend (who is now my fiance and father of my child). After living together for a while, I stopped going to church and found much more "spiritual fulfillment" in going on hikes and just being in nature. I think the two big things that did it for me were seeing the movie Religilous, which inspired me to doubt, and reading an article in Psychology Today about people losing their faith and that "made it OK" for me. Today I am athiest. not that I specifically believe there is no God or gods, but that the human mind is so insignificant to even be able to know if there was a God or gods. I'm kind of a transcendentalist, as far as I understand the meaning of it.

So, curious,  True Religion what made you lose your faith if you had any in the first place?

I grew up in a non-denominational church and my father has a masters degree in church ministry. Several things happened that made me leave the church:

1. My father was ostracized when he suggested that it's not necessary to ask for forgiveness of your sins repeatedly (like at every prayer) because the act of baptism has cleansed you of all sin (previous to and after baptism). Repentence is not necessary because you have already asked for forgiveness and been accepted into the house of the Lord True Religion Jeans. That made some heads roll and he was removed from his position.

2. My mother was made to feel guilty when it was revealed in counseling with our family minister that she had been both sexually abused as a child and raped as a teenager. She was told it was her fault and that because of it she was defunct as a person.

3. After my parents divorced,  True Religion Sale and the church ostracized both my parents until they eventually left.

4. Right about that time, I met a boy who practiced Wicca. I began to study other religions at that time.

I am now atheist. It was a 15+ year process for me.

I was raised Catholic but always questioned even as a child. When I was 13, I realized  True Religion Canada   Christianity just didn't add up so I began reading about other religions and philosophies. By 15, I was well-versed in Eastern philosophy which really taught me the concept of each person having their own path. The crowning moment for me was when I studied Zoroastrianism, the first monotheistic religion. The basic premise of the religion is identical to Christianity (including the trinity, savior born of a virgin, etc) and it predates Christianity by an estimated 10,000yrs. The thing is, Zoroastrianism all came to be by the prophet Zoroaster who was tripping balls on soma when "God" (Ahura Mazda) appeared to him. THAT DID IT!! Seriously??!! All MAJOR religions of the world are based on some dude's badass trip he had in the desert? Well shit, I've tripped balls  True Religion Outlet   times and thought I held the meaning of the fucking universe in my hand too. Zoroastrianism influenced what later became Judaism, and then Christianity and of course eventually Islam. And it's all bullshit.

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