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cheap belstaff uk

Posted Oct 29 2012 2:45am
cheap belstaff uk,

Tip 1: Power Down the Display

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Do you know one of the most effective ways to conserve laptop battery life is to lower the brightness of the screen display? Its been known that lowering one level of screen brightness will yield up to 10 more minutes of battery life. You cheap belstaff uk can easily do this by going to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display and clicking the Settings tab. You can also disable those cool belstaff uk effects like ClearType fonts and fade effects to reduce the CPU's power consumption.

Tip 2: Decrease Hard Drive Activity

You can also optimize the Windows' paging file - the area of the laptop hard drive that serves as virtual memory whenever your RAM is full. Optimizing the paging file size ensures your hard drive is accessed less frequently when you run out of system memory. To change it, go to the Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory Change. Set both belstaff motorcycle jackets the initial and maximum paging file size to 1.5 times the capacity of your installed RAM size.

Your laptop hard drive is another power eating culprit. To save power, you should reduce the frequency with which your hard disk belstaff jacket sale has to spin. To do this, you can try defragmenting your hard drive regularly. This can be done using the Disk Degfragmenter in the Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools menu.

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